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  2. I think saying Sikhsangat is a breeding ground for narrow mindedness would be very wrong. All these threads that run up 5 or more pages? Obviously, they are that long because people are disagreeing with one another. Meaning that 2 (or more) viewpoints are battling it out. Hardly the definition of narrow mindedness, which would mean there being only one viewpoint. As well you should continue to come. Btw, I challenged your opinions, and would like it if you would respond to my post here.
  3. I don't have a narrative, you do with your continual bashing of Kooke. They probably done more for Sikhi than you have. In that case I suggest you do one, you bleeding kattarpanthi, if you don't like the conditions here. You should have payed heed to those warnings. Stick to posting lame comments on BoS videos and your waste reddit. Echo chamber da lagda.
  4. You cherry pick ONE topic I have posted about, even when I have made 8 posts, and only 1 was directly related to Naamdharis. I post more about the understanding the deep concepts of Sikhi, but you wont take that into account becuase it doesn't fit your narrative. I dont come here to play around, I only come here to get out of my intelectual echo chamber and get exposed to other views and have my opinions challenged. I have already been warned multiple times about this place, and it has been described as a "breeding ground" for narrow mindedness, but I still chose to come. You have done this on multiple occasions, so yes.
  5. Today
  6. It wasn't about "judging" them, it was about "tearing down", you can indeed "judge" (form an opinion or conclusion about) someone without resorting to tear them down. Concluding that someone clearly doesn't fit a definition does not imply "tearing them down", its purly objective.
  7. Bro do you really think I'm that sad to troll you just to piss you off? I genuinely thought you would respond with a funny comeback the few times I have done it. Simply because that's the kind of runnings gags we have on Sikh Sangat. In my defence, you have brought them up a few times and I though you would have clocked on. I got better things to worry about than try to convince someone who occasionally posts here about Naamdharis of all things. Just chill bro, we are not serious on Sikh Sangat 24/7. No need to explode. It's not some direct attack on you. Jeez. Khima bakhshni. I won't do it again. BTW emojis are not just internet culture.
  8. Im not as well versed in internet culture as you, but thats becuse I have better things to do with my time than troll people.
  9. He missed the quite visible.... Which usually implies one is joking. Or taking the piss.
  10. Yes, you're correct. I'm trying to bring attention to Naamdharis because they pay me to do prachaar. I do wake up at Amritvela...with Naamdharis bro. We do Simran at their Gurdwara. I know bro. I mean for Katha, Kirtan, Santhiya etc. They have good non-political relationship with Nirmalas, Udasis, Nihangs, and Taksal to some extent. Taksal even used to go to Bhaini Sahib to cover when they were short of Granthis for Akhand Paath and to teach Santhiya, and so on.
  11. He baited you, bro, and you took the bait, and in doing so twisted yourself into a logical pretzel. Here's how: First you stated that we should not judge other Sikhs. He said, "Including Naamdharis?" Then you said, the definition of a Sikh is fixed in bani and rehat, thereby negating your statement that we shouldn't judge other Sikhs. Now, you'd probably say "they're not Sikhs!". But in order to say that, you have to make a judgement on their Sikhi, or lack of. Another words: you judged them. So, you went into a logical circle, and he go the better of you.
  12. I'd be leery of making that assumption. I think that organizations (including sampardas, political parties--Sikh or non-Sikh) and people associate with a lot of people that they fundamentally disagree with, including (for sampardas), Hindus and Muslims. The one thing about the Naamdharis is they have an extreme amount of knowledge and skill in Gumat sangeet. Taking advantage of that knowledge would, to my mind, be just like having a Hindu music ustaad.
  13. Bro, the original poster specifically stated that he didn't fault his fiancee. Rather, he faults Jagmeet Singh for marrying a person not in Rehat. As far as "I'm concerned" or "Rehat is concerned"? Two very different things. As far as you're concerned, it may be OK to marry a non-Amritdhari. But it's not OK as far as Rehat is concerned. If you disagree, please respond to the specific breakdown I did in my post and followup on why unmarried Amritdharis are told to marry an Amritdhari. Now here's something I can agree with, and did, here. If Jagsaw had been a bit more conciliatory, there wouldn't have been a problem. He could have just said something on the lines of "Jagmeet Singh seems to have married a non-Amritdhari. I'm not judging him, because I don't know his specific situation, but I just wanted to make a general statement for the unmarried Amritdhari youth out there that you're supposed to marry an Amritdhari, for these reasons ..." But he chose to really lay into Jagmeet Singh, and that's why people had a problem with his approach.
  14. It's called attention seeking, kid. Try to start waking up for amritvela and doing Simran, its good for you
  15. It doesn't matter what they are to you, to me, or to anyone else, the only thing that matters is the Guru, and the Guru clearly stated that from now on (1708) all Sikhs will follow the Granth as the eternal Guru. Using that simple logic, if someone doesnt follow the Granth as the eternal Guru, they aren't Sikh. The definition of a "Sikh" is literally in both Bani and Rehat, this isnt personal opinion, it's based on the words of the Guru himself and the agreed upon choice of the Khalsa Panth. If I identity as something, I dont automatically become that. If I identify as an attack helicopter, I dont automatically transform into an aerial vehicle of death and destruction.
  16. Ooo you're touchy innit. They may not be to you but they are to many others. Personally I don't know what they are. They seem to have a cordial relationship with most Sampardas so if they weren't Sikhs, these Sampardas wouldn't associate with them. So it was quite a nice try on my part, thanks. It's called trolling btw brother. Don't be so krodhi.
  17. Nice try, but Naamdharis aren't Sikh. It's pathetic how to try to constantly bring up Namdharis when you respond to me.
  18. Why do you people care so much about his Fiancé shaving? She's not even Amritdhari, and thus not obligated to follow the same Rehat that Khalsa Sikhs are. As far as im Rehat is concerned, Sikhs are allowed to have an Anand Karaj with other Sikhs, and both dont have to be Amritdhari. You people judge womens Sikhi by their hair, but forget that even a lot of Amritdhari women shave as well. We as a Panth need to stop tearing down fellow Sikhs, especially ones such as Jagmeet Singh who have spoken against the Indian Government in defence of Sikhi multiple times, and even got his visa denied because of it. The enemies of the Panth want us to fight so that were too busy attacking each other to notice what's going on. Jagmeet Singh isnt a saint, but hes better than nothing.
  19. How does one make soul leave body

  20. How does one make soul leave body

    Off topic. I saw this and it made me think of @singh123456777 Edit: Maybe it's on topic after all. Lool.
  21. How does one make soul leave body

    Some serious tips given already by other posters, even the jokes might provide some insight lol. I'd add to their list lucid dreaming. Lucidity institute has a good book. I tried unsuccessfully to get Jaggi out. Sigh
  22. Granddaughter and Grandmother relationship struggle

    When people suffer a lot on the inside, they can't always help but to let it out at others. I can tell you are strong in your Sikhi. That is a gift that will save you. Balance in all things. You may have to charge yourself up to be able to spend time. When you're feeling her energy chant the naam and let vaheguru take all the negativity. Then rest afterwards. You may be very empathetic and this type of channeling isn't always easy. Sometimes people have a lot of suffering from their past they don't share. Her time in punjab could have trauma associated with it. That doesn't mean she won't open up about things just that maybe she isn't the most comfortable doing it. Maybe with a few key phrases from gurbani you can gently remind her to be more positive and more respectful of your father. You might be able to ask about one word or phrase at a time. Hey bibi how do you say whatever in punjabi? Maybe be ready to say awe but bibi it would mean a lot to me if you'd teach me that, if she says to ask another or look it up. Maybe start certain things start with a compliment then question, I bet you were so pretty as a girl bibi, what was this or that like when you were little? If you have to correct her, do it in private. Start with a compliment, then add positive criticism and end with a compliment. Bibi I love you so much, when you say negative things about my dad it really hurts my feelings, because I respect what you say so much. If you whisper it, it will make it like your little secret and also if you whisper people listen more. Can't whisper too low if her hearing is going but do it whisper like. Our elders lived through some horrible times, and it is easy for them to worry too much. Love gets confused that way. Her sabji is a way of saying she loves you. People can be turned off by religion if it is forced on them, or lead to genocide. Brutality of life may have turned her off of religion, but the truth of gurbani can be so simple you can slip it into her tea as it were with a phrase here a phrase there and with love. Make the most of your time with her. It goes faster and faster and soon many are dead. All that being said we only control ourselves and have to take care of ourselves first. To share sustainably we must have abundance to share from. Love vaheguru, love the heck out of yourself as a verb...like how we chant the naam, not once but over and over, love is an action more than a noun. And love the heck out of your bibi when you can. The old school was rough. Edit: Remember too sikhi is not the man that mediates on the mountain and loses his cool when he walks back down and the kids throw rocks at him. Sikhi is simran in combat and sikhi is simran while undertaking family participation. So shut off your kirtan sometimes, and chant the naam while you help bibi clean. Not everything is wow metaphysical in life, bibi sustained several generations with her cooking and cleaning and that is it's own type of metaphysical champion.
  23. Hey confused face. I hope you had a good day.
  24. Gurfateh ji, I am in my early 20's and don't get along with my grandma. she really knows how to get under my skin. She's not even like an evil grandma or anything. Just a normal everyday bibi. She is always lingering, nagging to do housework. She's super negative towards my dad and muttering under her breathe. On top of that she is amritdhari without any understanding of gurmat which really annoys me. Wears kakkar but will never teach me punjabi or sit down have gurmat vichaar or want to change mentality. Yet she will end every conversation with "Challo, Vaheguru de hatha vich ee aa" reluctantly after 1 hr of being unsatisfied about her life. I feel guilty for wanting to do things my own way; hermit zone, listen to kirtan and katha and do chores separate (I concentrate better + chores done quicker). I don't want to talk to bibi as I find most content unnecessary. Her whole life is about housework and revolves around that so I be formal and respectful but that's it. I have to force myself to talk for her mental wellbeing so she doesn't feel alone. Then I feel drained personally, feeling spiritually empty/ disconnected cos havn't had enough katha/ kirtan/ vichaar/ sangat to remind of real purpose. Even if we don't talk, it's like she is always sending negativity towards me. (?Idk if going crazy). If someone is an elder I don't automatically respect them. If they have gian, gurmat, positivity then I do truely love and respect them, regardless if blood relationship or not. But if all that has been collected in negativity, hypocrisy then I have no need/ desire to respect bcos i seek more than that. I also lowkey resent that she never passed on knowledge e.g. about punjabi, meanings of gurbani cos she doesn't know. It's just about mundane things like making sabji... which sorry bibi, I know it's your life purpose but for me I know and can make it and that's it. I don't need to talk about daal sabji, housework etc to fill out my day. And then this contaminates my own sikhi cos look at me now... I am unsatisfied and complaining about another human being. It's taking away from my life, where this energy should be focused on Vaheguru. I don't want to end up like my family and put housework etc before sikhi. It's like a mix of hormones, generational differences in thinking, spiritual ego of mine, cultural guiltyness for not respecting elders, and no1 lack of experience in grist jeevan skills. Please help. Some insight to how to establish some sort of common ground? Anyone have similar experiences or am I the only rotten'' child?
  25. Dream? Peshi?

    Lolll I'm not that sad. What you take me for? Jo Maharaaj da hukam si! Haha Fair enough phenji. I just get confused by phonetic Punjabi sometimes. Main vi dekh da hunda si. Hun ni dekh de, karke takreevan aaj kal sairyaan felma shett hundi ah. Meri galti si, main parh nahi sake aa. Ji pheneh teek ah. Satbachan Ji. #serious
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