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  2. Changing his viewpoint on Sikhs being vegetarian -
  3. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Its not just him. One of the most ridiculous notions peddled by the left is that ALL of the far right are idiots who can't tell the difference. The reality is something completely different. People like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos, both of whom have a respectable number of followers remind people of this whenever there is an attack as the media paints us with the same brush as the terrorists. Most of the big Right wing "preachers" i guess is an accurate term, know the difference and tend to cite it always.
  4. Paath

    Don't worry about not having a spiritual experience. The main thing is you don't divert from God's name. You don't want to get into ego from experiences either. All people are not the same, an experience to one person may not be the same as another, however large or small it maybe. We should bear in mind, that we do not recite God's name for experiences, but to think of it as our duty and love towards them. If we start to ask for experiences, then we have forgotten what our goal is. It is up to Waheguru to grace somebody with an experience. It can happen how much more or less time on one spends on Simran, than another. Do not compare yourself to others, an experience will happen in Waheguru's Hukam, not by anybody saying how or when. Its good to increase Simran, Gurbani if you wish to and spending more time to devote yourself towards it, will never be incomplete of anything. But we must focus on doing Simran and not expect anything back in return. Just leave that to God to decide. Say if somebody has an experience, does it necessarily mean it has to be a physical one or that is visible? And then what after that? Doing Simran, reciting/listening to Gurbani is an experience in itself. We are here in this world for this experience of having the opportunity to, that is also an experience we should be grateful for. But we forget God is everywhere. ਤੂੰ ਜਲਿ ਥਲਿ ਮਹੀਅਲਿ ਭਰਿਪੁਰਿ ਲੀਣਾ ਤੂੰ ਆਪੇ ਸਰਬ ਸਮਾਣਾ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ तूं जलि थलि महीअलि भरिपुरि लीणा तूं आपे सरब समाणा ॥१॥ रहाउ ॥ Ŧūʼn jal thal mahī▫al bẖaripur līṇā ṯūʼn āpe sarab samāṇā. ||1|| rahā▫o. Thou art fully contained in water, dry land nether and upper regions. Thou Thyself art pervading everywhere. Pause. SGGS ji Ang 731 🙏🏻 Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji I understand that you maybe desiring for an experience to feel the presence of God for yourself, but just remind yourself they are everywhere. When we do Simran with love for God, then we'll start to feel the anand (bliss) of it, when God graces us with it.
  5. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Apart from the ignorant British attacking a Sikh wearing a turban (which I hear is very rare, I'm Canadian/American btw), I doubt that the British people will target Sikhs. Instead, what they will do is far worse, they will use our history with the Muslims to incite us and basically use us as fodder as they did in their Raj, though this time, it'll be purely against the Muslims.
  6. Paath

    It is going to be of no use to you to know how much simran to do. You simply have to arrange time for yourself. .. approximately 2 hours 40 minutes everyday. One tenth of your time everyday to Devote to simran. It is a blessing from God if one is able to put in this amount of time. Pichle janam dhi kamayi counts as well greatly. God has preselected exactly whom he would like to have these experiences. If you have these experiences, then you have to learn to not spread them about and you will have more. There are many more things that come to pass... we are spiritual beings suffering from separation from our creator. Reconnection is going to occur slowly and understanding these experiences comes slowly too. As you keep your simran up, you are able to obtain great amounts of happiness and peace from it. So forming a habit of simran should be done as a conscious effort.
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  8. Paath

    I wish I could concentrate like you, doing path since I was a child but never have any such experience. if u could write here how much. Am how much bhajan simran u do, what time and how, it could hep us thanks
  9. Good to hear from you paji. It's best to be busy with something that's worthwhile, rather than spending time with narrow minded people. I know what you mean, it's 2017, and people are still talking about castes as if it's anything important or woweee to be proud of. Never mind, it's their loss, if they want to be full of ego over it. I don't even bother participating now, where caste threads are so twisted, you'd think they were still living in the 1950's. 😴🤔. They'll probably realise when God graces them, that Sikhi has no place for it. But nothing can be forced upon nobody, I just leave them to it, to play their pianos, the tunes got boring now anyways and the lyrics don't match 😏
  10. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    One lady who recieved backlash from just about everyone. Gurdwaras vandalized? Maybe in Ontario, haven't heard of such an incident in BC so far. The Punjabis in Brampton aren't angels, if anything, they're probably the bullies. People know who are, I've never been mistaken for a Muslim . Obviously every country has their problems, but you're exaggerating. Do you even live in Canada?
  11. How Important is Punjabi Language for Sikhs?

    I'm still about bhen ji. I'm just busy as hell with work. And frankly speaking, when I read so many people defending their backwards -a55 penduistic casteism here recently I realised that in reality I'm mainly dealing with lost causes here.
  12. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    ignore the music, or try to. We need to use Social Media and Youtube as a way to reach out This guy has 30k Subs and 72,000 views, that's 72,000 people educated + part 2 original video has 248,000 views and 353,000 Subscribers
  13. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Sikhs must stay strong, and stick together for the Storm that is coming, we must prepare. in Canada, or the UK, the Anti-Islam trend is growing stronger and Sikhs are the usual ones they target out of ignorance. America especially with the gun-crimes. Spread the word, educate, before another horrible event will happen!
  14. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Canada, where they vandalized gurduwaras and that one lady who thought Jagmeet Singh of the NDP party was muslim, don't forget about the Racist white kids in Brampton, go to a park and they have racist terms about Indians written on the playgrounds, I heard B.C has it bad with racism where they smashed the windows of a gurduwara and spray painted anti-muslim terms on the wall, and Ontario is more developed except for that one Hindu-Nationalist guy (who is a big joke), every country has it's up's and down's and Canada is definitely not a Racist-free zone, bro ever since Islamophobia was on the rise in the U.K, Canadians are following the steps about being Islamophobic and then confusing Sikhs with Muslims, but then again, if you truly wanted to move out of the U.K, I'd suggest a place like Brampton although house prices have been inflated, there is a huge indian majority, the racist white kids calls it "brown town" even Toronto would be good, but beware of the night. Also beware of the Youth, many Canadians consider Sikhs to be criminals, it's like ignorant Americans being scared of black people, except in Canada, the "black people" are also Sikhs. If you're moving to Canada, message me, and I'll tell you a good area to move to. But Canada also has it's good side, like big festivals where many Canadians and non-sikhs attend to, Jus Reign being a Canadian Sensation, Jagmeet Singh in politics, the Canadian Defense Minister, etc But beware of some of the festivals, the Police usually monitor due to Disputes that occurred in the past, rare to see them happen again, and we also have a motorcycle club "Sikh Riders of Canada" (it's also in America, we need something like that in the U.K to integrate our religion with U.K culture.) Pretty sure we also have a Khalsa School here, for young children, and most gurduwaras here have great libraries to learn history, not sure if Gurduwaras in the U.K have libraries.
  15. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Reminding me of Basics of Sikhi, maybe hang up Posters that tells you about Sikhi and clarify that we are not muslims. Having more kids is a good start, and events. Tommy Robinson loves to clarify Sikhs and Muslims are different as well.
  16. I don't think that something like Khalsa Aid as it now could have existed in WW2. The Sikhs of that generation would have been perplexed at Khalsa Aid if they were going around the world helping German or Japanese refugees. Those Sikhs had stronger character and self belief than the pappus that run Khalsa Aid have today. Khalsa Aid and other such 'disaster relief at the drop of a hat' type organisations within the Sikh community are a product of the puppufication of Sikhs ever since 1947. We have accepted outright lies like Mian Meer laid the foundation stone of Harmandir Sahib and that Sikhi is just a religion like all the others and that we don't seek converts and that quality rather than quantity. Some even think that Khalsa just means pure so hence Raj Karega Khalsa just means the pure ones will rule and that the pure ones can be a person of any religion. This pappufication is there for all to see. There is a facebook account which is run by Khalistanis and they posted a video of a Hindu girl being slapped by a BJP women councillor because the post stated that she had been 'just having a coffee in a restaurant with a Muslim boy' . The truth was that the Hindu girl was openly having an affair with a Muslim boy which she admitted. Now look at how even Pappufication has taken over those who claim to be Khalistanis! They will lie in order to show Hindus oppressing the Hindu girl because she was innocently with a Muslim boy. The same account has more stories about the so-called oppression the Rohingyas than anything about Sikhs or Khalistan. This is how far the rot has spread. When I commented and stated what the truth was and if the other people commenting how bad the slapping was would be ok with their daughters or sisters opening having an affair with a Muslim boys. The comments I was on the lines of 'What is it to you, it's her life' and these comments were from Sikhs! I could expect such rubbish from Muslims or Goray but Sikhs stating this rubbish just showed how much pappufication has taken deep roots on todays Sikhs. The same Pappu Sikhs will think that it's great that Khalsa Aid is wasting the sangat's money in Burma while Sikhs in need are ignored a few miles from where these pappus live.
  17. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    It takes a lot more than the proverbal hit the fan to keep Sikhs in one area. Prioritisation is in other areas is placed. We are a canary in the coalmine community and attract other communities which pushes us out (like the other topic we were discussing on this forum)
  18. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Why not combine these two ideas with the idea of open days. Have a stall in the high street and approach non-Sikhs by inviting them to the local Gurdwara open day. The British are interested in knowing about non-Abrahamic religion as they have rejected the old angry guy in the sky type of religious belief. Islam is no different and the only Brits who convert to that religion are prisoners or women because their Muslim husband demands that they do.
  19. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    For all the people from UK that go there about half of then return.
  20. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    True but the mistake we make as Sikhs is that we always get thinly spread out and then when the storm comes we suffer. Around the world now we are spread out just as the Sikhs were pre-1947. The only Sikhs that survived were the one who lived in areas where Sikhs were a good percentage of the population or those how were able to flee to those areas. Some Sikhs have the mentality that they want to move away from areas that have a large Sikh population such as those those who moved from Southall to Iver, Ickenham, Reading etc. So they have spread themselves thinly and when the proverbial will hit the fan which it will in the next decade or so they will be sitting ducks. Sikhs in Europe should really be thinking of moving to UK if possible. Hate crimes against Sikhs aren't many compared to USA and they will always be a minute minority is Europe whereas in UK they can still live in Sikh dominated areas as by moving to the UK they can contribute to make these areas more stronger. I have noticed many Sikhs from Italy, Portugal and Belgium have been migrating to UK after getting citizenship of these countries. This needs to increase.
  21. I always wanted to know. If Khalsa Aid were around during WW2, after Germany was obliterated and Nagasaki/Hiroshima was atomic bombed I am sure there would have been many refugees and people needing help. Would Khalsa Aid still provide aid and supplies for people even though Germans/Japanese may have been involved in many atrocities. Do they really consider humanity as one and think of everyone the same or would they have softer spot for certain people's. Would they show impartiality between a Jewish concentration camp survivor and a homeless German POW?
  22. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    Stalls is one option. But some are discouraged from approaching as it seems a bit extreem as it is on a high street which may draw negative attention. Same way when you see thoss muslims with the stall. It can be off putting for some people. With door knocking it is discreet and people who have a genuine interest can learn alot by this approach. It is not about being pushy like jehovas wittnesses who are quite forceful. If people are not interested then simply move on to the next house. Just imagine if you knocked on 200 doors. That can have a big impact if we all do it. There are other methods also. But we need some solid structure and plan on how we can implement it.
  23. How To increase Sikh population in UK

    I have seen so many sissy boys say the same thing. Running off to canada like some poodles. Stay in the uk and be proud of who you are. Stop running as you can run but you cant hide forever!
  24. Question

    Unless he is a teenager (most likely) then he is most likely to get the urges.
  25. Question

    It's literally in the maryada, 'Fornication or adultery.' Adultery = intercourse with someone who is not in their spouse Fornication = sexual intercourse between people not married to each other (Both are the same meanings)
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