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  2. What if bentiyan don't work

    Thank you for the reply. As long as you’re happy, that’s what counts.
  3. Divorce in Sikhism

    Well, we live in a society where marriage is not valued, only for looking on the wedding day. We live in a society where we no longer fix things, we just throw away things once they lose their usefulness. The human gene pool shows that at least 80 percent of men historically never had children, where at least 80 percent of women did. What this means before the advent of marriage, one man would have many women to have children with. This is what happens in the animal kingdom, where the alpha male will have his share of the females. The reality is (I might sound sexist, but it is largely true). Women have sexually selected men for resources and genetic material ). What has happened is that women no longer value marriage with men because they do not require resources so for a lot of them all that is left is the Alpha stud. The vast majority of men are not alpha studs, it is a very tiny percentage. Women will always go for a man that is the highest value, even if she herself are not of the same value. Society seems to be regressing back to the pre-marital age (like back to hunter gather type society). It is very dangerous because potentially there maybe a lot of unmarried men in society. From a Sikhi point of view, we are supposed to live a ghristi Jeevan life and the regression of society means it is going to be increasing difficult.
  4. What if bentiyan don't work

    Waheguru ji di kirpa naal All's Well I tend to go jithe lorh hoveh or qadar hoveh. Have become active on Sikh Philosophy Network, Sikhnet Discussion & What's App 😊
  5. Some more Home Truths

    Well, I'm not jatt and I'll say this much. After the Vienna murder in 2009, the Ravidassia community protested in London with placards demanding the removal of kirpans from Sikhs. A year or so later, a branch of the Ravidassia community advocated to separate Bhagat Ravidass Ji's bani from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji and to establish a separate granth to be installed in Ravidass Sabha's. These would still loosely be referred to as gurdwarae.... The census was in 2011. Make of that what you want. On a different note, Afghan Sikhs do indeed marry first cousins. That's not to say, every single Afghan Sikh will marry his/her cousin, but, the behaviour is indeed prevalent in that community.
  6. How important is height

    Fikar taan BT nu huna chahidha, teemee dhi kadh je choti vi hoi, shittar taan une hi milne.
  7. How important is height

    sofa te peyi rehandi aa phikar naal....
  8. Egg

    if we say jeev have to be chatka'd to be parvaan under rehit then only result of spear fishing qualifies as normal fishing involve six mile long nets dragging all manner of lives up and suffocating them would never be parvaan (too much bekasoor jeev dying as by-catch also) i had read in some purataan rehit that shrimp were parvaan , but I couldn't work that out either chatka-wise or healthwise can you cast any light
  9. Egg

    It's good and it's recommended that you learn the maryada of all jathebandian, otherwise we will throw a hissy fit when someone tells you something that you haven't learnt before. What do you mean penji? I don't quite understand you, sorry.
  10. Egg

    the main point is they ENGRAFTED ALL THE HINDU PREDJUDICES ONTO THEIR CREED, so what was pure has been altered it seems but wouldn't know since context it in preceding paragraph.
  11. Egg

    just curious , it is good to understand what different panthic elements think , just like siblings trying to understand each other and respecting difference , I mean fishing unless spear fishing could not qualify as chatka as netted slowly suffocates so fish are out . I read about shrimp being OK but again how ?
  12. Egg

    It depends on the maryada you follow. There is no point arguing over it since there is never a justified conclusion. Leave it be. Sikhi doesn't focus on diet.
  13. Egg

    ok why would you want to eat the waste product of a chicken's menses?
  14. What if bentiyan don't work

    Hi @singhbj singh paji, how you doing? Wondered where u had gone. Are you ok?
  15. Egg

    Neither can I these days. You can guesstimate from my previous posts
  16. Egg

    hanji, committee and jathebandi control has sikhs in their grip, not able to follow kshatri rehit. How many of them read shattri ka poot hoon bahman ko nahi in their daily Rehrass?
  17. wtf. This is exactly what donald trump warned us about! you're taking the jobs of other hard working forum members!
  18. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Jathebandian?

    if we recognize everyone as one will everyone be ready to follow shastar rehit and other rehitnamas that are not watered down by jathebandis? caste shouldn't matter and if you're in shouni or dal then everyone is following same rehit. But when people live in houses and pinds and mingling with non-amritdhari relatives then they are usually following watered down rehit or following some aspects of family culture as they have to live inside civilisation.
  19. Egg

    Lol amritdharis can eat egg!! Sounds like we are turning the Khalsa Panth into some brahmin sh1t. Only khulla maas and halal is not allowed!!!!!! We are kashatri Dharam of akaal, nowadays we look like goats in lions attire.
  20. Egg

    You will have to ask them. I think baba Surjit Singh may have been Sarbloh Bibecki. But I know proper sarblohi Singhs' rehit will have some foods objectionable to this forum as they would use shastar to obtain such food, and I don't mean using a gandasa or farming tools! Jatha Sarbloh Bibeck is not exactly same as the proper Sarbloh bibeck who are shastardhari as well. Also they don't even eat from their wives. It seems Sarbloh Bibek can be found in Sarbloh Granth. This is from here http://www.babasurjeetsingh.com/tag/buddha-dal/ - but the site doesn't seem to load anymore, this is all I could get from this site in Google: 28 Sep 2014 - Jathedar Baba Surjit Singh ji was the 14th Jathedar or commander of the Buddha Dal, the central organization of the Nihang Singhs. .... In this Dal was the strictest of bibek or physical cleanliness, which meant all food must be cooked in fire wood, in sarbloh (iron utensils), all water must be from a well or ... just found more stuff, this is from quoted books but the site I got it from has been around a long time now (and it's one of the sites still standing instead of all the sites that have gone down, such information lost that is needed so badly by panth!!!) and the website name is blocked from jatha affiliated and hinduphobic sites: ‘The Bibecki Akalis- The strictest of the Akalis acquired the title of Bibeki (from a Sanskrit word ‘meaning discrimination’) or ‘the conscientious’, and engrafted on their own creed all the prejudices of Hinduism. With the Vaishnavas they would not eat meat or any article of food or drink not prepared with their own hands. To such an extreme was this rule pushed that they would not taste food cooked by their wives, eat fruit brought in the market or drink water which they themselves had not drawn from the well. They considered it a sin to eat bare-headed and would pay a fine to the temple if they did so inadvertently. They did not remove the hair from any part of their persons and in lieu of the Hindu janeo wore a sword. They were very strict in wearing the 5 K’s. They added the word singh as an affix to all substantives and sometimes the other parts of speech, and they transposed all feminine nouns into the masculine gender. Thus they would say: “place the inkstand singh on the table singh,” and kanghi, a comb, became Kangha.’ ‘A Glossary Of The Tribes And Castes Of The Punjab And North-West Frontier Province, In Three Volumes by H.A.Rose, 1914, Pa.155 This is about a friend of Bhai Randhir Singh: ‘Akali Ji in terms of getting food prepared was a ‘Bebecki’ (meaning eat that food only which was prepared by Khalsa Sikhs) but was not fanatical about what type of food it was. Like the ordinary Sadhs and Sants, who got into the argument about whether it is important to remain vegetarian or not, instead he considered ‘Mahaparsad’ an important facet of Sikh discipline.’ Akali Kaur Singh, by Himat Singh, Pa.31 I cut the brackets containing the translation of mahaparsad as it could end up with this thread being locked.
  21. Egg

  22. yes we need to, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh what a mess! Taking women from villages and hills etc. Big tiddy as well. Corruption comes all the way to current Patiala Maharaja "Captain" Congress Chief Minister. And all the firanghi propaganda that seeped down from these kingdoms as well as to main punjab through christian missionary schools. The rest of the colonial jatha stuff we can't post on this forum, please look on alternate boards Past admins could ban you for writing against believing in firanghi god, even in private messages!
  23. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Jathebandian?

    Yes mainly it is but now females judge who they want to get married by looking at what jathebandi they are from I have seen this happen a lot but it is mainly males Who complain about jathebandi which they shouldn't we should recognize everyone as one not what jathebandi they follow or caste.
  24. Egg

    Can bibeki Singhs eat egg then? You said it interferes with Jatha Rehit and not the other rehat you stated.
  25. Is waheguru accepting my paath?

    doing paath and simran, let parmatma jyot manifest in yourself. Increase your level of intellect and buddhi with bani. Help deal with conflict by also reading dasam bani. Get confidence by doing nitnem with full Chaupai including Akal Ustat Chaupai and Punn Rachas, Chandi Di Vaar, Chandi Charitar Ustat, Uggardanti, Shastarnamala part 1 and anything else. Do shastarvidiya, also follow rehit of tyrar bar tyaar Singhs and not of these jathas. Don't be submissive sikh, need confidence to deal a bit
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