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  2. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    Dude uses weapons, and it isn't for sport. Makes it more martial than most arts. Why does he dress like a sikh though?
  3. That poser. Lol. He said he was called turbanator on youtube. Compliment to you then.
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  5. how deluded is Niddar Sio?

    I've studied various martial arts for many years as well, and I say it is the real deal. But let's leave subjective opinions out for a second. You say he studied with different instructors of different arts. Do you have any evidence to back up this bogus claim? Who are these phantom instructors? How come they haven't come forward with this magical claim that you've just made? If you look at the various seminars Gurdev Niddar Singh has done with other instructors, they all say it' the real deal. Of course there's some overlap, there always is. That does not constitute plagiarism. For example, a "tiger-style" of fighting will be similar across different martial arts, because it is based on the same animal. Ideological differences aside, every time this topic pops up, I always look for the evidence behind the bogus claims that people make. But in every situation, much like yours, there is no evidence. What a pathetic plight, that the whole world accepts SV as the real deal, except our own people! Awaiting your thoughts and evidence Bro. ...
  6. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    Can we make jagsaw a political website and hand him the keys? @jagsaw I respect that you have an opinion, but you come across to me as angry with a clear political agenda, which just makes me not really trust your intentions for posting. Like it's one thing to go to church and another thing to try and turn it into your political platform.
  7. I only know about Naamdharis from reading here. On the surface, someone super into naam sounds good to me. I can see why they are controversial though, if they have "contributed" what turbinator said. We all have egos and get angry or we wouldn't be playing our roll in Kehl. I like this group, the opinions are diverse, all it takes is being tired or a hormone spike and stuff that maybe could be funny isn't. It's all good. You oughta hear Aikidokas opinions of each of each other. Means way of harmony and none of us get along lol, factionally speaking. A lot of that comes from a schism, of everyone trying to improve upon or do "their" aikido. Almost nobody comprehensively follows O' Sensei's teachings, they always want to add mixed up stuff. (Except my group right? Lol) When I train under other sensei I forget how we do it and do it the way the sensei teaches. I've learned something every time this way. I then wash myself and do some hard core basics and soon as they are gone heh. When a sempai teaching in our home dojo, doesn't follow the way the dojocho teaches it, that's that shi* I don't like. It's both true that all those other sensei and their students are aikidoka and also true that by deviating too much puts the art at risk for surviving intact. So I love em when I see em, smh when I watch their vids, and hope for the best. It's a fine line aikidoka or not, wrecking aikido or not, I sometimes worry about the preservation of the art, but there's not much I can do but train and share aiki the way I learned it. It's in Vahegurus hands. Mostly we train at home, but we still travel to train with others and respect them. Long semi related tangent ...I think you both make good points. Question. Do they consider themselves sikhs? Less than three years I can come to uk and drink some bhang with you guys and we can laugh about all the forum warrioring and chant the naam. Turbinator, was that you on American Idol or some imposter?
  8. I miss my grandmoms. Believe me you will too once they are not near you anymore.
  9. Pesh?

    Should not happened but peshi is reserved mostly for bujjer khureit. God forbids but If you don’t end up marrying each other then I think it makes perfect sense to get peshed.
  10. I do have ego, im not a sant like you, but im not the one who gets off on "trolling" and "baiting" people. Youre clearly on such a high spiritual level, that you can read peoples minds, and know everything about them, am I right?
  11. This just reeks of ego mate. You have serious issues. Taan hi tera reddit ehna sh!t ah.
  12. One post asking a question and a few comments debating ideas isnt "bashing", but hay, you dont know any better so its ok Yes, Namdharis have done way more for Sikhi than I ever could, lets see, they: 1. Created 4-5 human Gurus 2. Added "newly revealed" bani and "updated" the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (known to them as the "Adi Granth") 3. Distorted I mean "discovered" new panthic history that just happens to fit their narrative perfectly. 4. Install brand new, (totally not Hindu) rituals 5. Do fancy kirtan (did you hear that? I called it fancy, you musty be triggered) As you can clearly see, Naamdharis (the true Sikhs) have done way more for Sikhizm than I ever could, I am the dust of the feet of the dust of their feet. VAHEGURRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You need to drink some Amrit or something, youre way to hot with ego m8
  13. I think saying Sikhsangat is a breeding ground for narrow mindedness would be very wrong. All these threads that run up 5 or more pages? Obviously, they are that long because people are disagreeing with one another. Meaning that 2 (or more) viewpoints are battling it out. Hardly the definition of narrow mindedness, which would mean there being only one viewpoint. As well you should continue to come. Btw, I challenged your opinions, and would like it if you would respond to my post here.
  14. I don't have a narrative, you do with your continual bashing of Kooke. They probably done more for Sikhi than you have. In that case I suggest you do one, you bleeding kattarpanthi, if you don't like the conditions here. You should have payed heed to those warnings. Stick to posting lame comments on BoS videos and your waste reddit. Echo chamber da lagda.
  15. You cherry pick ONE topic I have posted about, even when I have made 8 posts, and only 1 was directly related to Naamdharis. I post more about the understanding the deep concepts of Sikhi, but you wont take that into account becuase it doesn't fit your narrative. I dont come here to play around, I only come here to get out of my intelectual echo chamber and get exposed to other views and have my opinions challenged. I have already been warned multiple times about this place, and it has been described as a "breeding ground" for narrow mindedness, but I still chose to come. You have done this on multiple occasions, so yes.
  16. It wasn't about "judging" them, it was about "tearing down", you can indeed "judge" (form an opinion or conclusion about) someone without resorting to tear them down. Concluding that someone clearly doesn't fit a definition does not imply "tearing them down", its purly objective.
  17. Bro do you really think I'm that sad to troll you just to piss you off? I genuinely thought you would respond with a funny comeback the few times I have done it. Simply because that's the kind of runnings gags we have on Sikh Sangat. In my defence, you have brought them up a few times and I though you would have clocked on. I got better things to worry about than try to convince someone who occasionally posts here about Naamdharis of all things. Just chill bro, we are not serious on Sikh Sangat 24/7. No need to explode. It's not some direct attack on you. Jeez. Khima bakhshni. I won't do it again. BTW emojis are not just internet culture.
  18. Im not as well versed in internet culture as you, but thats becuse I have better things to do with my time than troll people.
  19. He missed the quite visible.... Which usually implies one is joking. Or taking the piss.
  20. Yes, you're correct. I'm trying to bring attention to Naamdharis because they pay me to do prachaar. I do wake up at Amritvela...with Naamdharis bro. We do Simran at their Gurdwara. I know bro. I mean for Katha, Kirtan, Santhiya etc. They have good non-political relationship with Nirmalas, Udasis, Nihangs, and Taksal to some extent. Taksal even used to go to Bhaini Sahib to cover when they were short of Granthis for Akhand Paath and to teach Santhiya, and so on.
  21. He baited you, bro, and you took the bait, and in doing so twisted yourself into a logical pretzel. Here's how: First you stated that we should not judge other Sikhs. He said, "Including Naamdharis?" Then you said, the definition of a Sikh is fixed in bani and rehat, thereby negating your statement that we shouldn't judge other Sikhs. Now, you'd probably say "they're not Sikhs!". But in order to say that, you have to make a judgement on their Sikhi, or lack of. Another words: you judged them. So, you went into a logical circle, and he go the better of you.
  22. I'd be leery of making that assumption. I think that organizations (including sampardas, political parties--Sikh or non-Sikh) and people associate with a lot of people that they fundamentally disagree with, including (for sampardas), Hindus and Muslims. The one thing about the Naamdharis is they have an extreme amount of knowledge and skill in Gumat sangeet. Taking advantage of that knowledge would, to my mind, be just like having a Hindu music ustaad.
  23. Bro, the original poster specifically stated that he didn't fault his fiancee. Rather, he faults Jagmeet Singh for marrying a person not in Rehat. As far as "I'm concerned" or "Rehat is concerned"? Two very different things. As far as you're concerned, it may be OK to marry a non-Amritdhari. But it's not OK as far as Rehat is concerned. If you disagree, please respond to the specific breakdown I did in my post and followup on why unmarried Amritdharis are told to marry an Amritdhari. Now here's something I can agree with, and did, here. If Jagsaw had been a bit more conciliatory, there wouldn't have been a problem. He could have just said something on the lines of "Jagmeet Singh seems to have married a non-Amritdhari. I'm not judging him, because I don't know his specific situation, but I just wanted to make a general statement for the unmarried Amritdhari youth out there that you're supposed to marry an Amritdhari, for these reasons ..." But he chose to really lay into Jagmeet Singh, and that's why people had a problem with his approach.
  24. It's called attention seeking, kid. Try to start waking up for amritvela and doing Simran, its good for you
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