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  2. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    Good questions, dont want to sound like a hater but I went to see these guys at a programme they did at my local gurdwara - funny thing is they were talking about maya and attachment and money etc - but as im leaving the gurdwara they have a white Jaguar XJ brand new parked up outside with the number plate "NKJ" - made me question and doubt the jatha
  3. Should I have to take amrit again

    I am not angry as per se, I am sure other people on the forum will react the same way because this same topic shows up over and over again. Even people comment about it and then the original thread gets off topic. Whenever we debate there is never a conclusion. The only conclusion is that the Khalsa Panth has accepted it as minimum. We should respect the opinion because when the Khalsa decides something as a whole, the Guru also decides it. "Khalsa mera roop hai khaas" It's anyones choice to be honest. If it's minimum then of course you are free to do longer. Anything shorter is not accepted.
  4. Should I have to take amrit again

    I'll be waiting here with a salotar if need be. If anyone steps out of line I'm gonna drag your arse to go peshi.
  5. Should I have to take amrit again

    I'd rather you sum it up for me rather than me watching the whole 20 minutes thing because i need to do rehras now.
  6. Should I have to take amrit again

    And I have literally argued with over 10 people on issues like this. I personally do the longer rehras but it doesn't matter.
  7. Should I have to take amrit again

    Oh bhau video ta dekh leo
  8. Should I have to take amrit again

    Trust me dude if this is about which rehras is longer I will no longer speak to you. I don't give a <banned word filter activated> about people who do it longer or shorter they are still Sikh to me.
  9. Should I have to take amrit again

    Please just take the time to watch this
  10. Some Questions for Nirvair Khalsa Jatha

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.facebook.com/nirvairkhalsajathauk/&ved=2ahUKEwjZls2VzOnYAhVGzGMKHU2_BSEQFjAAegQIDxAB&usg=AOvVaw0K-HUTwdO1HZvVtL4ZZ8hg Hey look. They have a facebook. Good luck with that.
  11. Today
  12. Perhaps there is a bigger agenda at play here by warming up to the Sikhs? Could it be a divide and rule ploy or is it from the goodness of their hearts... From what I have seen of their establishment there is no good deed unless a favour is expected. I however do agree it's good for our deteriorated sacred sites albeit a little late.
  13. That was already a thing, Guru Ji told us to remember our family name and that's it. Only for marriage purposes.
  14. Punjab

    What is todays Punjab like? Is it the same as it was 20 years ago? What are the best parts. Only place I have been to is Amritsar as a kid as its my home town. Never been to any other parts apart from Jalandhar briefly for a few days. One thing I did not like about dehli was having to speak in hindi. That language is so annoying to listen to let alone having go speak it.
  15. Come on, you're being controversial now haha. You clearly know it's a matter of semantics. Your last point has some truth.
  16. Should I have to take amrit again

    Well at my amrit sanchar I was given it with Arril but not with all the chaupai's and dhora's. I guess if the SGPC version is panth minimum then yes it's acceptable. As long as its still 5 baania and the minimum length then its still amrit
  17. Should I have to take amrit again

    Since shortened Chaupai Sahib without Arril is recommended in SGPC maryada, would this be good enough for Khanday dee Pahul?
  18. It's strange that they call themselves Ramgharia sikhs but do more tarkhan/lohaar/carpentar rituals. Did Ramgharia misl actually do these rituals? It's also strange that it's also "Ramgharia" sikhs easily recognizable with their surnames are the forefront of the "you shouldn't believe in caste" argument and yet they do all this caste and separate gurdwara stuff?
  19. jatts had shrines too to ancestors if they can abandon those and remove them from their fields because they have gained gian from Guru ji why not others . It is not destroying anyone's culture just abandoning the emptiness for fruitful endeavours . Also if these people are so desperate why not take their pooja to a hindu temple . Since when is it acceptable for the court/residence of a king to be usurped for the praises of some other person ?? It's is a slippery slope which will end with Mahant's murtis and bhut being replaced in our Gurdwarey
  20. Ramgharia Gurudwara Leeds doing Hindu Vishwakarma rituals

    One thing I dont want Sikhs to do is become like muslim Idol breakers nor like Christians destroy the culture of the people. Muslim invaders destroyed beautiful art and temples because fear of idol worship. They forced ppl to convert and these ppl instead added their own version to islam of worshipping ancestors, graves, pirs etc.. Education is better than force. People will leave the idols themselves or turn them.into art. Visvhwakarma has been part of the craft/laborers culture for a long time. Many carpenters pray to him before starting any work. Sadly even some sikhs. However I also know carpenter Sikhs that have replaced the mangal to viswakarma with benti to satguru. Also many sikhs have not given up caste names, caste pride, nor caste identity lorhi, bhangra, preference for male sons. And other cultural practices and some are against the teachings of sikhi, yet we expect other ppl to promptly do so. And try to force them to do it now. Also i just thought of a solution to the caste problem. We need to keep last names or at least know them. So we know our family history and background and dont marry people with same last names. But we could try not to teach our kids or tell other people what caste we are. Also most kids find it hard to tell someones caste from a last name unless the last name is common. But other castes especially in india are adoptig those common high caste names..lol. its possible casteism will be eradicated esp in the west as ppl will have to just take a person word that yes im this caste.
  21. Steeks - what are they?

    VJKK VJKF Okay Ji. Thank you for the link Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  22. Steeks - what are they?

    Yeah. They are extremely important works for moorakhs like me. If you go to http://www.srigranth.org/servlet/gurbani.gurbani?Action=Page&Param=1, you will have the option to read the Faridkot teeka along with the Bani. If you want to become a Kathakaar These are the arths you have to learn. You should always treat them with a high level of satkaar.
  23. Steeks - what are they?

    VJKK VJKF So this is not bani then, is it Ji? It's just arths of others on bani, right? Vaheguru Ji
  24. Steeks - what are they?

    Steek is a granth tha has arths of gurbani in them. For example there are many different steeks of sggsj wrotten by many different people such as gyani gyan singh ji, bhai harbans singh ji, fardidkot steek etc
  25. Long hair problems

    yes you can cover your head with a rumal
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