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  2. Divorce in Sikhism

    That's actually not true, bro. More children usually means more religious children. For one thing, in large families, each individual child has less pull on the head of the family. The head is more respected, and therefore the children obey more. They learn that they are not the be all and end all. That there is someone above them. Why would you want to teach them individually? It is considered more effective to teach people as a group. Guru Sahibs call this concept Sangat. Humans are social animals, and the more people that follow a certain thing, the more firm they are likely to be in that belief. Furthermore, in a typical two-child family, there's one girl, one boy. Each has new clothes and other stuff for every year of their life. They get an entitled mentality. A single child is the apex of entitlement mentality. In large families, clothes and other items get handed down. Both the giver and receiver learn to decrease their moh-maya and haumai regarding material things. And that's the basis of religion.
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  4. A muslim work colleague mentioned that some won't drain all the blood in order to add weight and sell for more.
  5. National anthem

    No. Our head should belong only to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, not a white devil hag who does not care about Sikhs at all and whose monarchy has attempted to destroy Sikhi and its people through countless war-crimes. Many of us, including myself, in the west are guilty of adopting western thinking far too much to form and support our beliefs when we should try to make more effort in being simple and using only Guru ji as our source of knowledge and wisdom. We can read about philosophers etc. and we do have to adapt to our surroundings so we do not become irrelevant in the world but there should be a limit because, at the moment, so many are unable to acknowledge let alone find this balance between work and personal life. There is too much conflation in thinking and it is taking us away from our goal.
  6. Justin Trudeau visit to India

    dosanjh was busy spouting the usual Hinduvta anti-sikh BS about NRI sikhs this week then Khalra organisation picked up on this development: “This was not an accident,” said a senior security source within the Canadian government, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Atwal has developed links with the Indian government and his political views “have evolved” in recent years. “They no longer see him as the enemy,” said the source, who believes it is convenient for some in India’s government, if not necessarily for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to embarrass Trudeau for being soft on Sikh separatism. Asked which part of the Indian government might be so motivated, the source said, “The intelligence service.” #theIncideman #RAW Its also being reported that it was former MP Ujjal Dosanjh who helped Atwal get Indian visa in 2006. John Ivison: The Indian government removed Jaspal Atwal from its blacklist. Why? It doesn’t make any sense — until you start to consider who stands to benefit from Atwal’s attendance this week nationalpost.com
  7. Shower kirpan

    I agree.
  8. Shower kirpan

    as mentioned kakars must be kept on at all times, *if a kakar is removed then do ardaas for forgivness.*
  9. Roop Singh where are you ?

    Tried LinkedIn?
  10. Shower kirpan

    your friend is pulling your leg , santhiya is the learning of shuddh gurbani uccharan and learning how to read larivaar script and nobody charges for the classes ...
  11. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    It's not common but not unheard of either. Especially if one party is from the west. I kinda wanna say shagun is overrated.
  12. Shower kirpan

    Could you please explain. Sorry for not understanding.
  13. Shower kirpan

  14. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    going back to the main question. Is breaking off marriage after the shagun(engagement) common in india?
  15. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    I'm pretty traditional compared to many but still spoke to girls when I was looking. You're a throwback to the pre 60s which I admire but then you also have to live with the decision like they did in the past and not run for the hills.
  16. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    Why didnt u speak to the girl? You know how risky marriagea are in india. All.this trouble could have been avoided if u had been more responsible and mature before.
  17. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    There more to it then the skin problem. I did not even get a chance to speak to the girl. I just went on family recommendation. Hence now I think I made a mistake. I have taken a gamble on something. Why should I risk everything just to please everyone else. I have seen people who divorce which is alot worse.
  18. Divorce in Sikhism

    Just breeding more children does not make them good people. Its raising them. And if u have multiple children. Its harder to manage them and teach each individually. Also sikh numbers came more from converts than their own children. As most sikhs lived in jungles and got shaheed young. They modt likely did not marry. Thise that did got shaheed before their kids grew up. Mostly women raised the sikh children in villages like bhai taru singh was raised and jassa singh ahluwalia. And lots of ppl were inspired by sikhs and turned sikh. Like bhai mani singh ji inspired bhai taru singh ji
  19. Hi All, I had a primary school get it touch with me regarding Roop Singh. His phone isn't working, his website isn't working, cannot find him on Facebook etc. Anyone any ideas on his whereabouts ? Thanks.
  20. emergency advice - Breaking off Engagement

    True. @Big_Tera is there more to it than the skin problem? Are you getting cold feet or is there something else? Besides if you’re getting married tomorrow, then you should be asleep. Otherwise where on earth and how will you run off? Your family deserves some explanation.
  21. Divorce in Sikhism

    Polygyny seems to something that can be done by males in apex of society. It is not something that is really possible for the average man. Even in muslim societies, I wonder how many men partake in polygyny. Very few I suspect. Ultimately, the only type of men that can do this are men who can provide resources for their wives. The only lower type men that I can think of who partake in polygyny are the mormons. I am also aware of the polyandry and it does not make me squirm.
  22. Some more Home Truths

    Great points Jagsaw. You are correct that Canada plays up to the nice guy image in foreign affairs. They in particular like to contrast themselves to the United States.
  23. What is also interesting is that as per Iain Dale's LBC show last night, about 60 percent of halal abbatoirs have serious hygiene issues. How many times have you heard of the health and hygiene issues from halal based muslim restaurants / take aways. The other elephant in the room for adoption of halal by mainstream restaurants is cost. I suspect that the low grade, unhygienic halal meat is cheaper and since keeping costs lower is part of most businesses.
  24. Are most Sikhs fake Sikhs?

    Why don't you like them ?
  25. I I suspect it also has to do with certain segment of goreh who feel guilty and think appeasing muslims (even they have not asked for halal ) makes them less racist. Interesting radio show with iain Dale on LBC regarding halal meat and as a gorah he was not backing down against muslims calling. He was saying things like , " I could not care less what your prophet thinks.." There is also a degree of laziness in part of the mainstream goreh. What happens is that if the majority are not bothered about eating requirements of a minority, it is easier for the establishment to adopt the minority 's food which is in this case is halal.
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