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Food contact materials and the depopulation program

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We should also stick to traditional cooking materials. E.g. becoming sarbloh bibeki and using only clay earthenware to store foods/water. Copper vessels are excellent for water storage too since the Cu2+ ions have lots of health benefits e.g. removing pain/arthritis.

Many Gurdwaras still use aluminium cookware which as we know is carcinogenic.

I wouldn't even recommend 'stainless steel' since its the stainless component which much like 'non-stick' and 'water-resistant' synthetic materials, causes cancer. Secondly, the steel itself is an alloy containing other elements which are carcinogenic e.g. chromium(IV), nickel which is also an irritant. 

When you do your research you'll soon see that Guru Ji's way is the best and we should stick to it if we want to live healthy lives. 

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