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Guest Ple13

Is this a white sikh

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6 hours ago, Guest Ple13 said:

Lmao this was a joke lol.

It better not be a joke, because it’s not right to joke about somebody’s skin colour. You should see a person for who they are, not what colour their skin is. 

The joke isn’t funny, (if it’s a joke). Every soul is God’s creation. 

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On 3/10/2018 at 7:02 AM, Guest Ple13 said:

So a few days ago i saw this man. He had a pagg, a beard and a jooda. When i looked at him i was suppisred as he looked white, im not sure if he took amrit or not but he looked white. His beard was blondish/brown. There was a child near him and he looked like a punjabi (he had a patka). But they talked together...... so now im confused was he white or??? I was gonna ask him but he left before i could, he looked like he was in his fifties almost sixties and he also had a kara. So was he white.... he didnt look punjabi......... do you know/have seen a punjabi and a blondish/brown beard if not then do you think hes white?

He may just have been an albino (a person of any "race" whose skin is white and hair is white/light). There are many albinos among the Indian population (in India or worldwide).

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On 12/03/2018 at 4:17 AM, TejS said:

i hear if you spot one, you have a lucky chance of winning the lottery the next day, according to sanatani research of course


@MrDoaba can you verify this?

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    • Thanks for the clarification.  Now back to IF marriages in general can someone find me a rehatnama or for that matter one of our reference teekai used by Kathakaars that a Sikh can marry a non Sikh.  Oh the irony. Stop hiding behind your narakdhari idol's ID and reveal who you really are, je jurat hai and I might respond to your claptrap.
    • Good idea as it encourages other adults to learn kirtan too, as in if they can do it and they are struggling with certain issues then why cant I? Puts out a message of equality too.
    • Well, no, I don't think we would accept the interfaith marriage (as a principle).  The fact that someone may be married to a non-Sikh is simply reality. But we don't accept it as Sikh doctrine. On the other hand, I've said many times on this board that we shouldn't bother with Sikh (or non-Sikh) politicians' personal lives. We should merely be concerned with their stance on Sikh issues. Consider: Did Guru Gobind Singh ji bother with Bahadur Shah's personal morality with respect to women, or the fact that he was a Gursikh or not when Guru Sahib decided to support him to ascend to the Mughal throne?
    • Guest Inder Indira
      Well done for just spouting the Hindutva line of we need fewer and fewer Sikhs  The Khalsa Panth is where it is important that we accept quality over quantity. In the 1947 Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs had Sikh and Muslim numbers been equal then Sri Nankana Sahib would not be under Pakistani control today. Had there been more Sikhs (only 14% of all Punjabi's were Sikh in 1947) then 20% of the Sikh population would not have been murdered by the Muslims in the Pakistani Genocide of Sikhs. In the 1984 Congress (Indira) Genocide of Sikhs had there been more than just a hundred Singhs with Sant Ji do you think Congress would have won? Had sehajdhari Sikhs been a majority in Delhi do you think there would have been state genocide against a majority population? How will Khalistan ever happen when Sikhs become a minority in Punjab the next few years thanks to people like you doing their level best to alienate people from the Sikh Panth rather than to grow the Panth in size? Your own ancestors came into Sikhi from either a Hindu or Muslim background via marriage at a Gurdwara. Sikhi is not the fastest growing religion but it is the fastest reducing religion in Punjab having gone from 63% of the population to around 55% today (whilst Radha Soami's, Nirankari's and all dera's are counted among Sikh numbers). Between 2021 to 2031 Sikhs will be a minority in Punjab but people like you still find time to bash Preet Kaur Gill. When it comes to your own son or grandson marrying a gori and you telling them they cannot marry in a Gurdwara then I hope that day you feel proud that you have alienated him, his wife and future generations away from Sikhi. Because at the rate people like you want to alienate young Sikhs like Preet Kaur Gill MP and her children away from Sikhi then there won't be many of us left in the UK by then given that we are only 0.7% of the population in the UK now!
    • Read my message to you in Inbox paji. I didn’t know Prof Surinder Singh walked with a stick. There’s Bhai Lakhwinder Singh too, I think he has visual problems, but I’m not sure what exactly. And Sant Harbans Singh ji, I remember seeing him when I was younger, playing an instrument.