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What was the initial reason for humans being caught in the cycle of reincarnation

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11 hours ago, Sukhvirk1976 said:

What about if we karmasocus on this life and try not to make mistakes? 

We see history repeating itself despite seeing or understanding how and why it has repeated itself.. 

Absolutely right.  This birth as human beings has been given to us, to as well focus carefully  on this very life and to erase all our karmas with the water of His kirpa by engaging ourselves deeply in His bhakti alone.

That is His beant wadeeayee.

Sat Sree Akal.

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10 hours ago, TejS said:

But can't creatiWahiguruist without adayterial world? Isn't being in Sach Khand living, existing?

Apart from the material plane, the creation exists on non material planes, such as astral, causal and sub-spiritual planes.

The soul is immortal , and is related to Wahiguru, just as a drop of water to the Ocean, or just as a ray of Sun, to the very Sun.

It may look like that the Sunlight we get from the Sun in the form of rays, are different and separate from the Sun, but at the end of the day the return and merge in the Sun without any distinction.

We appear to be in diversity here due to our association with maya mind and matter, thus we are individuals.

But there in Sach Khand only exists, thus whosoever reaches there by His kirpa, merge and become one with Him.

There is no way to trace any individual souls there, for there, only and only Wahiguru Akal Purukh exists.

Sat Sree Akal.

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