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    • Do you know how many vitamins there are? If you thought four... there are actually 26 in total. A person's body and health can improve hugely if we eat the right type of food. Brazil nuts, eat three and that'll be over 60% semolina in you. Eat 10 grams of pumpkin seeds that is the same amount! Raw carrots have vitamins A. I can go on BUT... It's important to consume one portion of steamed vegetable a day. A good portion in fact. Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, parsnips - NO saabji isn't right. It's good, should be consumed but defo not right as it's a hardcore effort to kill all the vitamins they provide. Leave daal (chickpea) in cold water for 24 hours? THAT has more vitamins. This is important for the Gut flora and one can go in society by simply having washed with soap and water, as the diet gives off the fragrance to body. And for breakfast it important to have breakfast that contains many many vitamins and minerals. Porridge is perfect example. In UK it'll be Ready Brek (or Ready Go from Asda brand). LOOK OUT FOR THE NUTRIENT INFORMATION! It'll mention several vitamins and minerals. THAT is the right porridge you want. ADD to it, 2 tea spoon of Flax seeds. YOU WILL RECIEVE LOADS AND LOADS OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS ALREADY.  OH and by doing so? every morning you will feel fully awake before dawn, so greatly helps in Amritvela and meditation. Food is important in a meditators life. SORRY to say! But Crisp, chocolate, soft drinks do not give any real vitamins and minerals to the body    
    • How does one, who's taken Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, become open minded? NOT going against the rehat! So not "I feel ill. I'll take some beer..." THAT's stupidity, not open minded! Or "I'll cut my hair cause of so and so" again, foolishness not open minded. "Eh mann chanchala, Chaturai kinaeh na paiaa."  Without rehat infringement one can learn so much from others. Sadhguru is a perfect example. Am sure many have rolled their eyes or maybe are intrigued, why is he a perfect example? Look into his practice of yoga then you may understand. Agreeing with Sikhi, he claims to take control of your mind and body, to make it into one. So when we read Gurbani we are physically there (body) but the mind is out the door. In fact it's MILES away.  So by meditating and tuning to Naam one must first tune the mind and body together. Methods can be found "Inner engineering" by Sadhguru. Like Sikhi, method is same, sit cross legged and breath (more technique in book). By simple Sadhna one can tune into the world, know the Earth's functions, know what the weather will be like! Understand animal language. So how will this help with Naam? Isn't it a time waste when I can sit and tune in with Naam straight? True but this is just one aspect of applying a method and benefitting the fruits. Be honest! Who would not like to know the weather or speak animal?  YES! Brahmgiaani's have this knowledge no doubt. But for a person on the path, just started or maybe "Many years have gone by I still fail to concentrate!" Try all sort of methods besides imbuding in the Lord's name directly WITHOUT going astray from Sikhi (be open minded in your methods). The more out the box we think he more we'll realise we can always learn things/ techniques from other faiths whilst keeping our mind and Heart on Waheguru, the ultimate destination.  However, Sadhguru's technique also involves always being happy, poses of meditation for the mind and body. The thing is nowhere he mentions "You will obtain so and so God..." He merely mentions how to be happy if your body's chakras go right. So chakra's going right, living in the moment (don't Brahmgiaanis live in a moment)? can all aid in achieving where we want to be.  AGAIN! To clarify, this is another believer's methods of practice that could be useful into helping us concentrate better and reap other benefits. Like just focus on breathing/ emptiness for 10 minutes then recite the Lord's name for another 20 minutes.       
    • Woohoo - my first post on this website  I don't know what datan is, but I have worked out a dental regime for myself over the years that works pretty well for me... So I buy Bass Toothbrushes, only ever found them on this website here in the UK https://www.absolutelypure.com/products/bass-toothbrush They're special brushes that have softer bristles and the bristles themselves are spaced further apart so overall it's just much friendlier on your gums and I find they last much longer than normal toothbrushes too. So I normally just do one brush in the morning with this and some (vegan) Kingfisher (fluoride free) toothpaste...don't even get me started on fluoride...I'm sure if you wanted to find out more a quick google search would tell you all you need to know...but Kingfisher is one of the more stronger vegan toothpastes anyway, the others I use sometimes and find much more preferable to normal toothpastes are Sarukan and Urtekram. Anyway, throughout the day, usually after every meal, I brush my teeth again with Miswak sticks, which I get from eBay for real cheap, and because the bristles on these are too thin for brushing my tongue, I whip out a copper ayurvedic tongue cleaner to scrape off my tongue.  Sometimes my gums get irritated, especially when I've had a lot of sugar (usually when coming back from the Gurdwara Sahib)so then I will mix up a little coconut oil (2 tbsp) with some lemon, tea tree and cinnamon essential oils (1-2 drops of each) and swish that around my mouth for 10-15 minutes. There's nothing like it.  So that's my dental care routine anyways, it really works for me, and I'm someone who has struggled for many years with toothbrushes that felt too rough on my gums and toothpaste that was too overpowering.  Hope you find what works for you  
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    • Thanks! I use this for santhiaa too. Lessons at gurudwara but practise on here.