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Sikh and Hindus Build mosque

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14 hours ago, TejS said:

When will our people ever learn?


When things get worse off than before that’s when. But then it’s a bit too late. 

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1 hour ago, CharhdiKala said:

Think about it this way Sikhism says there are many paths to God and they say their path is the only way and the others will burn in hell for eternity. You have one passive way of thinking and one aggressive way of thinking. Usually the aggressors win in history unless something is done. 

Our (as in non-Islamic populations) survival instincts have been dulled by a combination of selectively interpreting religious doctrine so that it's as inoffensive and watered-down as to make it irrelevant to the day-to-day human experience (and in some cases, a complete denial of the existence of divinity), and a naive social pacifism that will ultimately work against us in the long-term, minus the short-term basking in the glow of our arrogant, self-congratulatory benevolence. 

Turning the other cheek as all paths lead to God will not be of any purpose to those who want to survive the gradual intrusion of Islam on this mortal plane! Ironically, our Islamic friends have doubled down and are being encouraged to be unapologetic about their ways and their beliefs, whilst everyone else of a non-Islamic hue is subtly chastised and dissuaded from wishing to preserve their own ways and beliefs. 

How does anyone not see where this is all heading?

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5 hours ago, CharhdiKala said:

Thankfully apne haven't gone to that step yet.

I think there are some that do. I don’t know which ones, but I read it somewhere on fb a while back. 


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    • Serious question though, how would one use a Dori Kirpan practically? Like how would it be used? I think thats why some people say its just for show because maybe you can't use it well? I wouldn't know.
    • Sometimes we use the phrase "Just do it" in the Dojo. Other times we say "Shut up and train".  Heh. 
    • Exactly. Oh, so it's not a made-up saakhi? Even if it were, it would be good. It sounds vaguely like the saakhi of Bhai Banno. I agree that it is unreasonable to demand discounts of shopkeepers because "it's for a religious purpose". They can't verify that. You're trading on your long beard to make the other guy think you're "religious". You're just setting it up for unscrupulous people with beards to come by and abuse it, which then gets found out, and then people lose faith in Sikhs and Sikhi. On the other hand, it would be OK for a gurdwara to put out the call for construction materials, legal services, accounting services, medical services (free medical camps). Then people can verify it's for a religious purpose because they're giving directly to the gurdwara. And then sawmill owners can drop off wood at the gurdwara, marble showroom owners can drop off marble, etc. Or people in fields not in demand can buy the stuff (possibly at cost) and have it delivered to the gurdwara.
    • Ye bro it's possible it also depends on one's dedication though because we think its an easy task but then we may stop mid way.. But ye JUST DO IT!