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What's going on in the West Midlands?

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I'm originally from London, but study in Birmingham for university, and since coming here i've noticed the singh's from here are way different. Apparently it's normal to see singh's with full beards and paghs going clubbing and drinking, someone was telling me how he saw a full nihang singh in Mooch bar drinking alcohol with full saroop. Stuff like this would never be allowed in the area i am from. The singh's seem way more feminine and look like they can't defend themselves. Apneh girls at university are different breeds, i've seen so many apneh girls with <banned word filter activated>, it's unbelievable, what are there brothers/parents doing? i've also recently read about that Samra girl case where her parents stopped her from going into Sikhi and she then ended up planning to go to syria to be a sex slave... if it continues like this then we're going to be in decline. Have any of you read "Forbidden Truth" by Killa from Sikh unit, it's an accurate representation of everything bad going on in our community and more specifically in the midlands. I have attached the book for you to read, it's an eye opener and a read that would get you thinking.     


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It's not just West Midlands.

Yes, you can say that it occurs a lot here and use whatever survey to prove it, but this type of stuff can happen anywhere in the world.

Honestly, since it's only happening here, it's probably the West Midlands specifically because of the type of other activities that go on regularly on the streets. Though as I said, it can happen absolutely anywhere in this world.


To stay away from this type of kalyug activities, it depends on the amount of effort you put in to actually stay away and focus on Sikhi. You put in 10% in Sikhi, you earn the 10% reward of Sikhi back.

And if you put in 100% in Sikhi? I don't even know what could happen.  

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