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Confused face is GuestSing

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Some of the confused faces was me but I didn't know it was that serious.

Just saying my reactions was just to "play along" with the joke.

Doesn't seem like a joke anymore though.


But I will be your NEW confused face from now on :)

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This is too funny.  A person claiming to be part of the army should have more discipline.  This guy cracks in a split second.  Whoever is doing it, keep it up.:rofl

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Joseph, you are quite weird and have serious issues.

These untruthful, self-righteous and pathetic claims are just not normal. Why have you not posted any evidence? The reason is that there is none to present. You wouldn't be a very good lawyer or judge.

The fact that you made a thread about how posters disagree with some of your posts by using emoticons is not only laughable but shows everyone the size and frailty of your ego and self-esteem.

You have already proven yourself to be a hypocrite on these boards and now you will be shown to be a liar.

Firstly, only some of your posts have been marked confused from my account because of disagreement, incoherent arguments and strange ramblings. One poster has already admitted joining in as a joke and a bit of fun but you have kept quiet. A quick search shows that some of your posts have been left with no emoticon so why are you claiming otherwise? Why are you exaggerating?

Secondly, what 'personal information' has been posted? Another quick search on these boards shows that some my posts to you refer to your first name. Is that it? This 'personal information' that is mentioned so much is just your first name? Not sure about anyone else here but personal information usually includes full name, address and contact numbers etc. Please show evidence of these three posted from my account.

Did you know that if you search for your name, you see the following:

On 1/18/2018 at 2:15 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

My name is Joseph William Dana Mulvihill.

You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried.

Look what else was found:

On 1/13/2018 at 7:10 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

I'm from Reno Nevada.

You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried.

Well done on proving yourself to be a liar on this forum.

Hope the fake accounts that you created within the space of a few hours in order to like your OP gives the impression that most of the forum agrees with you and really helps with your mental well-being too.

The truth is that on the night this thread was posted, no-one replied to it. It had more than 100 views but it was ignored because it is petty. How does that make you feel? Only after the first reply did you then spend your evening liking your posts in this thread because you knew the thread would be seen the following day after being bumped to the top of the page. Which IP proxy or VPN did you use?

Also, thanks for marking some of my recent posts as confused. This does not bother my well-being at all because there is meaning in my life.

Almost feel sorry for you.

EDIT: You are now in my ignored users list.

Edited by GuestSingh

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59 minutes ago, GuestSingh said:

You posted that. It came from your account, not mine, as you have joyfully cried

Yes I posted that after you dug it out of the petition yourself. Calling me Joseph Agnostic before I posted my whole name because I won't be intimidated by you. 

I didn't post evidence to let you come clean or lie. You decided to lie. That's on you. 

The admins can verify but here ya go. 


Welcome to school. This class was provided free of charge to you out of compassion for your total moral destitution. You should remove Singh from your troll account. FakeSingh

Edit: If I was you I'd ignore me too. Constantly getting wrecked must get old. 

You and jagsaw have a lot in common. You both talk about using tor, vpns, proxies, agree a lot, think other people are using fake accounts.  Hmm...I wonder...

Edited by GurjantGnostic
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    • Jus Reign is technically correct in his argiement that Sikhi isn’t a religion, however I don’t think he thought about this on a deeper level, and just made an edgy statement that happens to be true once examined on a deeper level.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji never intended to start a “religion”. Sikhi isn’t a “religion” it’s the Sach Dharam. This modern day “Sikhism” most people follow is an Abrahamic knockoff created by the Singh Sabah era with the help of the British, which takes away Sikhi’s universalist Dharmic framework, and replaces it with this abomination calles Sikhism.  Jus Reigns statement also comes from a place of duality. For any educated Sikh, it’s obvious that Guru Nanak never “left” us, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji is just the same as Guru Nanak, who is just the same as Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Guru is the Bani, the Bani is the Guru, and within it all the Amrit is contained.  As for his comment about rocking the Turban and doing whatever HE wants, from a Sikh point of view his completely wrong. The entire point of being a Sikh is to recognize your own defincies and realize you cannot achieve anything by yourself, this is why you dedicate yourself to an enlightener (Guru) and follow his teachings. Bani time and time again tells us to destroy this false sense of self (ego) and recognize the One. Sikhi isn’t about following yourself, it’s about following the One Guru.  When a Sikh, especially a “Singh” (Man who has received Khand Di Phaul) as Jus Reign claims to be, wears a Dastaar (Turban) then they are representing the Khalsa and the Gurus Saroop. Of course there are things you cannot do, like smoking, drinking (He drinks), or other immoralities because reflects back on the Khalsa. When you go out and do something retarded it reflects bad on that real Singh who keeps the 5K’s, who gets up at Amritvela, who follows Rehat, etc. The fact is that in the modern day, especially for someone who uses the Khalsa title of “Singh”, wearing the Dastaar is not a joke. It’s either you follow the Rehat and maintain proper conduct in the world, or take off the Dastaar, and remove Singh from your name (which you didn’t earn in the first place). 
    • I see.