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Tytler's confession in Sardar murders on tape

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The two biggest cowardly rats who ordered the genocides were rajiv gandhi (dead) and arun nehru (still alive). Arun nehru has got away with it since day one of troubles in punjab against Sikhs.

The next rats in the packing order were sajjan kumar and jagdish tytler whom been protected for over 40years.

Whats strange that its taken about 7years to release these videos from the date stamp marked on the videos they were filmed in 2011.

Question is why were they released now and not in 2014 when it was the 30year anniversary of anti-sikh new delhi genocide and operation blue star. It would have had a greater impact rather than now where the youth are now not bothering to remember and those who are elderly but lived through that era are now dying off slowly knowing indian establishment will never give them justice.

Even if all those responsible of the genocide are convicted and executed today it is far too late now that hate for india is far too ingrained because justice was not shift and has not been forth coming there is no trust or faith left with the whole indian system be it hindu nationalist bjp or anti-sikh secularist terrorists congress.


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On 2/7/2018 at 6:53 PM, GurjantGnostic said:

Sometimes people get caught slippin. 

Diggin deep @GuestSingh.

You're trolling really had slipped lately. I'm glad you've gone back a week to catch up. That's the trolling excellence I expect. 

That only took like an hour for you to get them all. Lololol. 

I feel so honored to occupy 1/16th of your daily time. 

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