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    • He doesn't like this place, for reasons I have stated before. No offence to anyone here, but to outside this place, Sikh Sangat has a reputation of being a very "conservative" forum, and this is not my personal opinion.    Also, I disagree with your theoretical description of him, hes not like that.  If you wanna talk to him, you can create an account on r/Sikh.  I think you need to go back and read my comment from last time, that wasn't my opinion, that was a friend of mine (Naamdhari supporter) who said it, I even said in my comment that it wasn't my personal opinion.  As for my personal opinion on this forum, Its still too early for me to comment on things, however I didnt like the fact that a mod removed a link that I posted (to a form that I moderate) and claimed I was "targeting" someone, or even the fact that you got warned for some stupid reason and I called out that person but received no response. 
    • Tell him to make an account here. I would like to talk to this pakhandi baba. Sounds like the type who would promote mouth-to-mouth Simran, no offence to him. True. I hope you no longer hold the same opinions about Sikh Sangat as you once did.
    • I dont know his name. He goes by bulandpuri babaji. Hes really big in canada and getting famous in usa. His english isnt bad. And the accent, quite slight, just makes him sound more mystical and spiritual. Im sure hes on youtube.  I dont know much about him. But my favorite kathavachak, bhai sahib singh ji canada wale, follows him so he must be good person. 😄😃😆😅
    • But when someone spreads false parchaar and misrepresents Bani, then thats a serious issue that we as a community need to have a discussion on.    As I said before, I like to get out of my intellectual echo chamber and seek new ideas and diverse people. Ive ended up learning a lot, and its better to have a friendly debate with a friend, rather than get grilled by a person of another religion/dharma in public.   I would prefer we have an intellectually stimulating discussion rather than resorting to such measures...  
    • Bro, not taking p!ss here, but you certainly have some interesting friends. Most people have trouble finding sangat. You say he doesn't follow Singh Sabha but he sounds quite missionary-fied, or like a Dhandrianwala follower. Either way, if that's what he believes, let him, it's his jeevan. Although, he could probs use a talking to from a salotar.