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Unique solution to bullying

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Guest whiplash90

Sikh boys attending public schools in Western Countries who keep uncut hair covered by a patka are often teased or ridiculed for being different and in severe cases, physically assaulted. I was thinking of the Central Khalsa Orphanage in Amritsar which admits male orphans under the age of ten regardless of religious background, once admitted they are required to grow their hair until it grows long enough tied into a bun covered by a patka; which they can cut their hair again until they leave the orphanage at the age of eighteen. I was thinking, in cases of extreme bullying of Sikh boys in public schools, a Sikh charity should approach the parents of the male bully who is under the age of ten and offer to have their son live with at the Central Khalsa Orphanage for a few years to learn about Sikhism, and that Sikh charity would compensate the Central Khalsa Orphanage for the bully’s education and accommodations. The admitted bully would learn about Sikhism and the Punjabi language but at the same time, would have to follow the rules of the orphanage which would mean he would be required to grow his hair to the point where it is long enough to form a bun covered by a patka. Plus, the boys living at the orphanage would be aware of why he is admitted and would revel at the reality now that the bully looks like them.

What do you think about this?

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So the bully would be taken to an orphange where he will be turned into a Sikh?

are you mad blad?

you cant be forced into a sikh unless the parents give permission

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I did get picked on in school. People used to call my gutti a apple and tennis ball and laugh at me. They called me paki as well and Binladen. 

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