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British Government Confirms Jagtar Singh Has Been Tortured

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1 hour ago, superkaur said:

Strange thing about this case is how did they accuse and find out juggy helped run the neverforget84 website?

Either someone in british intelligence agencies, indian authorities or someone connected to juggy (i.e his friend or relative) snitched to get him in trouble.

He wasnt some random british sikh citizen kidnapped by the Indians while out shopping in punjab. He had political activism against the indian state background so question is how did the Indian's find this out.

There seems some deep collusion and mystery to this case


1. National Investive Agency tried moving the not charged  Jaggi  to Tihar Jail so they could treat Jaggi the same way they treat all the rest of heroes in jail like Hawara , Rajoana .

2. Arvind Kejriwal didn't put in an objection to this as the minister in charge of Delhi  so we have true colours coming out there , need different alternative party to big two than his group.

3. NIA got shut down by the Court and the transfer is not happening

4. watch this space for further secret court sessions with in pocket judges .


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23 hours ago, InderjitS said:

Np Singh. Police stopped protests outside the embassy well over a decade ago, no doubt due to pressure from GOI. Burnings of the Indian flag and effigies directly outside, Khalistan chants and skirmishes with Police wouldn't have helped either. Still in comparison to London Anarchist marches these were completely passive with only a handful ever courting arrest and no violent outbreaks. It's simple , no one is willing to be arrested and even if they were you need the backing of all the sangat, not just the few to make a difference,  only then will it make the news. Currently it's not even a blip on the radar.

I agree bro, its a shame because hearing stories from seniors in my family and the josh displayed at the first rally 84 is a distant memory of what the march is now. Even the local london news dont cover it anymore, i doubt the GOI even send their spies there anymore. In regards to burning flags etc, i remeber a few years ago some the 'top khalistanis' from the uk getting their kachereh twisted when this happened, which led to a kick off between them and the youth. 

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