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singhbj singh

Does Guru Granth Sahib describe depression?

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    • Looking to start a residential school with two goals - 
      (i)Provide underprivileged kids with a childhood and education
      (ii) Teach these kids gurmat, sangeet and shastart vidya with a view to prepare future parcharaks - ones who will help entire humanity (not just sikhs) unlock the peace and joy that is forever within us. I have created a facebook group  , please join  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/402189280239697/)- Feel free to add your friends - please spread the word , also lets start idea pooling as to how make this work at scale - my vision is at least one or more schools in every city/town/village where we have sizable sikh population. Currently our dasbandh is being wasted on lavish langars and palatial gurdwaras, we need simplicity and altruism that gurus espoused
    • Lol, I haven’t put it on here as the guy mentions meat in it, so I thought non meat eaters may get offended. But I’ll send you it also and you can put it on if you think it’s ok too.  Plus, it’s slightly different to how I make it, but the nearest I could find on YouTube. 
    • Scusi Signora, where is mine? I demand this recipe is made public!!
    • Check your inbox, I’ve sent a thorka recipe. 
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      His political opponents say he is a man of style but absolutely no substance, who will say and do anything to accumulate power. The Sikh masses like him because he makes them feel that someone 'normal' just like them has risen to the top. There is nothing 'normal' however of being born into a millionaire doctors family and spending your whole childhood in an elite north American £35,000 a year boarding school. In that respect we've simply replaced the usual rich priviledged lot that take power for granted with another one that looks a bit more like us. What kind of 'Amrit' was it that Jagmeet Singh took that makes him think he is above Guru ji's hukam and maryada ?  Like Trump, is it not another case of the rich and powerful thinking they can make up their own moral codes as their lust / ego desires.