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Same song in a different version.


*Though this is a filmy song, but it could be very well applied to our beloved Guru Sahiban / Wahiguru Akal Purukh. It very much describes our helplessness, our pain of separation, when missing Them .

Sat Sree Akal.


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    • I think Jagmeet Singh is handling things fairly well given the full onslaught of all media outlets, with veteran pro-india journalists( Terry M ,Terry G, Jonathan Kay…to name a few) having a field day tearing apart their favourite prey and plenty of new comers honing their skills by regurgitating. But that’s what they do. They need an angle to attack us. We give them plenty.  We have over a dozen MPs and a Federal party leader, yet we can barely muster a proper response or show our side of the story in a competent manner. Apart from a few intelligent voices coming from WSO and our British pal Sunny Hundal, there seems to be a complete silence from our so called leaders. This is the time when leadership is needed. Sadly our “leaders” only know to scream and shout at nagar kirtans. If we had 12 competent journalists/reporters from our community, giving the diverse views we hold, it would be of more use than having 12 MPs who are too scared to utter a word. Our kaum needs real introspection of where we invest our energies. Politicians in these western democracies are more akin to mascots and punching bags as opposed to power holders. Look to how other communities are functioning in Canada. For example, the Chinese demographics are far greater and also much more wealthy and successful, yet they stay off the radar pretty  well. They don’t get into the muddy waters of politics. Our community keeps jumping to the forefront politically and then start complaining when the goray lay into us. I hope the best for Jagmeet singh. The road to 2019 elections is going to be very bumpy. Not only will he be facing off against the ignorants, but also the subtle hand of GOI working through its favourite media proxies.
    • Very well could be a blessing in disguise. If we dedicated ourselves to the Path and it simply resulted in praise from everyone the ego would only grow stronger. Dying while yet alive can be painful, seemingly, but this type of temporary pain is a blessing. I feel you're making incredible gains and people's response could be part of Vaheguru Ji's Kirpa and may be more about the state of those individuals than you on the other hand. You may be being shielded from unnecessary connection or those not truly on the same path. Stay strong in your Sikhi. 
    • That doesn't seem like proper gurmatt though. I know we should always have groups that promote and spread Sikhi. But even if being cutthroat might have gotten them plenty of sikhs, they converted out of fear and by the time we left most of them just converted to the new dominating party's religion. I'm curious, do you have sources of these events? 
    • It's been my experience Keshdari are really approachable. @BhForce Veer Ji's advice is probably better, to ask if they are a Sikh first, but I've only ever gotten a genuine and positive response just sayin Sat Sri Akal to start.  They would probably love to talk to you and would know if the Sangat meets somewhere if no Gurudwara is around.