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Experiencing Vaheguru After Amrit

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Sangat Ji, a thought popped into my head and I wanted to clear this up. Jagraj Phaji said in one of his videos (I've also heard this from many other places) that when you are blessed with Amrit, your book of karma is completely ripped to shreds and you restart with a fresh, new book. I've also read from Bhai Randhir Singh and Baba Harnam Singh that without Amrit you cannot advance spiritually to experience naam and bani. From this I can take that the one who is blessed with Amrit, no longer has any sins to their name and can experience naam and bani better than others. Now the reason that we can't experience Vaheguru Ji is because we have so many lives of sins and maehl (dirt) that need to be washed with naam and bani. However, if you are freshly blessed with Amrit you no longer have any sins and so my questions from this are:

1) If someone has just been blessed with Amrit and then goes home to do simran, will they directly experience Vaheguru Ji and naam as they no longer have any dirt to wash away to experience naam?

2) Is there anyone who is now Amritdhari that has noticed a substantial difference in experiencing naam after being blessed with Amrit, in comparison to before?

3) How do sins work with someone who is Amritdhari? Do they gain maehl which they have to wash at the same level as anyone who is not Amritdhari or does it affect them less because they have Amrit within them? 

I understand these are fairly deep questions but there is no-one more knowledgeable than Vaheguru Ji's saadhsangat. 

Vaheguru Ji.

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These are hard questions that I thought about before and even after taking amrit and still have no certain answers but here

I found some old videos that I hope help


the video with sant baba gurbachan singh ji's anmol bachan's has more details  but i recommend watching the whole video. You have to listen carefully it is a little hard to hear

I think this would be most helpful for your questions

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Not clear Jio_/\_

I experienced difference during Naam Simran after Khandey Batey Ki Pahul, and though I have weakened in rehit, there is still evidence of power of Naam from taking amrit from rehitvaan Punj Pyare_/\_Vaho Gurmukho Jio_/\_

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I never really felt any difference physically or mentally. But i think it definitely allows you to access further spiritual levels that cant be achieved without amrit very easily. Its basically like a life hack/cheat code.

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