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Month of December

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As you will be aware December is quite a sombre time for us as with the shahidees of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji just last month, our Sahibzaday and Mata Gujri Ji.

They sacrificed their lives for us, something we can never give back. But maybe in a little way we can show our support. On the night of the shahidee rather that sleeping on a nice comfy bed we could sleep on the floor just to show our respect and support for our ancestors. Do a small ardass and sleep on the floor maybe with a rajai/duvet on the floor and a blanket on top, it is a small gesture I know but well worth it as Guru Ji is always watching and they will bless those who in their own small way acknowledge the sacrifices made by His family.  

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    • What's wrong with you bro? You got a warning so you would stop talking about such ridiculous things, not so you could make continuous references to russian roulette in which ever thread you wanted. For God's sake stop it. MODS: Could you please delete my post and the above post. And any other posts with references to such sh!t advice. Thanks.
    •   Winning Your Goal Is Not The Toughest Victory. Winning Your Patience To Achieve That Goal Is The Most Toughest One.              A beautiful question. What is the meaning of life?
      A beautiful answer to it: When a person is born, he has breath but no name and when he dies, he has name but no breath. The gap between this breath and name is life!...     🍀Forgiving is the Best Investment for Heart...💖 It Saves the Expense of Anger, The Cost of HATRED & Wastage of PEACEFUL MOMENT'S..!!     Mistakes Happen by Situations,
      Not by Intention...
      Always Try to Know the Reason behind Every Mistakes of Our Loved Ones...
      That is the Way to Value a Relation..!!    
    • The remaining answer to the unsolved first riddle is:  Air . All the  other 4 were answered correctly by JKV Pen Jee above.
    • Its terrible what you have been through. You are right nobody preaches what they say. I even got a warning post cos of my advice of russian roulete but anyway nobody liked it. If the people/person who reported it was suffering i am sure they would have done russian roulte themseleves.   From my time spent on here i would say do ardas and take a personal hukamnama from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and see what happens.   Even if you do divorce you are gonna lose 50% of everything you have money etc. And became broke money wise.   So think carefully and go to a marriage counciler.