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Forgiveness of sins

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On 3/12/2017 at 12:52 PM, Guest Guest said:

Sadh sangat ji. I am a sikh girl( non amritdhari)and recently i committed a ghor paap. I was working in a bank where i indulge in sexual activities with one of my colleague. He is married and i dont know how i took these steps. We both exchanged some of our dirty pics too. I know main ghor paap kita hai and waheguru ji will not forgive me. I let my parents down although they dont know. I just want to kill myself. How can i do this to myself and go away from waheguru ji. I am so depressed each day its killing me inside. Plzz help me sadhsangat ji 

Pen Jee,

just to comfort you, listen the paviter bachans of Gurbani in the following keertan, which are the support for us all heavy sinners, apart from that promise yourself that you wont again fall so low.

The bachans fo Guru Jee are all soothinh, full of wisdom, love and grace, so fill yourself to the brim with them, for once and forever.

Stay blessed.

Sat Sree Akal.


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23 hours ago, Guest Guest said:

Thanku sangat ji for ur valuable response. But i want to discuss that i want to do simran and path to get apology from waheguru ji. But whenever i do i feel m not deserving to do path. I feel like i have lost my sikhi and waheguru ji will not accept me now. I just want my waheguru ji's love back. I cant live with this thought that i am a sinner and now waheguru ji will not love me again . It is a curse for me 😭

He forgives all sins. Like the serial killer Sajan Thug who became one of Guru Nanak Jis Bhagats. The prostitute Ganika was also saved, who knows how many misdeeds she committed. 

Be truly sorry for what u did, ask for forgiveness,  he's already forgiven u. And make sure u never ever make the same mistake again. Adultery is a Huge Crime in His Court.

Apologize to yourself also, we are temples of Truth, u disrespected yourself, the precious life He blessed u with, u disrespected badly his poor wife who you should have considered as your Sister. U should apologize to her in your heart. Although she has a right to know what her husband did. If I were in your shoes as her sister, I would tell her because if my husband did that I would want to know.

And u didn't treat the guy as your brother (he's already married so not an option for u). We should see all except our spouse as brothers sisters mothers n father

Accept your mistakes. Don't associate with the guy, he's probably not sorry for what he did and may try and encourage you to do the same rubbish again. Not worth losing your soul over and hurting his wife over and over again. If u don't have compassion for her, you may never know what it's like for your husband to cheat on u. I saw my mum go through it and it can cause so much chaos and incredible long term pain. 

Respect yourself and others, be compassionate towards others, don't be selfish and don't mess up again. The biggest misdeed u did here was doing this to the guys wife, that's where u should be most sorry. 

Telling her is and facing the consequences is the right thing to do rather than wallowing in self pity over having relations and ruining your integrity. 

Then forget the past, move on and forward with your life and spirituality. Be a good soul. 


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Guest Beware

Dear Bhenji,

I have written this out of pyaar and concern. Please read this post very carefully. It is good that Sangat here are encouraging you to recite Gurbani and being positive. However, for the sake of your soul, you must know the fully reality and Truth.

Sex before marriage is such a great sin that one has to suffer unbearable punishments in hell for many eons. Even worse then sex before marriage is adultery. Suicide is a supreme sin also. So whatever you do, don't commit suicide. The first thing that happens to a normal sinner is that the jamdhoots (terrifying messengers of death) beat them. What happens to big sinners is even more unimaginable. The pain of the beatings are too much to handle as per Gurbani:


kbIr jm kw TyNgw burw hY Ehu nhI sihAw jwie ]

kabeer jam kaa ttay(n)gaa buraa hai oh nahee sahiaa jaai ||

Kabeer, Death's club is terrible; it cannot be endured.


Then one has to walk a very long path called "jam maarag" i.e the path of jamdhoots. Every step on this path includes some terrifying and painful obstacle. This is briefly what Sukhmani Sahib says about this horrid path "jam maarag":


ijh mwrg ky gny jwih n kosw ]

jeh maarag kay ganay jaaeh n kosaa ||

On that path where the miles cannot be counted,


hir kw nwmu aUhw sMig qosw ]

har kaa naam uoohaa sa(n)g tosaa ||

there, the Name of the Lord shall be your sustenance.


ijh pYfY mhw AMD gubwrw ]

jeh paiddai mahaa a(n)dh gubaaraa ||

On that journey of total, pitch-black darkness,


hir kw nwmu sMig aujIAwrw ]

har kaa naam sa(n)g aujeeaaaraa ||

the Name of the Lord shall be the Light with you.


jhw pMiQ qyrw ko n is\wnU ]

jahaa pa(n)thh tayraa ko n sin(j)aanoo ||

On that journey where no one knows you,


hir kw nwmu qh nwil pCwnU ]

har kaa naam teh naal pachhaanoo ||

with the Name of the Lord, you shall be recognized.


jh mhw BieAwn qpiq bhu Gwm ]

jeh mahaa bhiaaan tapat bah ghaam ||

Where there is awesome and terrible heat and blazing sunshine,


qh hir ky nwm kI qum aUpir Cwm ]

teh har kay naam kee tum uoopar chhaam ||

there, the Name of the Lord will give you shade.


jhw iqRKw mn quJu AwkrKY ]

jahaa tirakhaa man tujh aaakarakhai ||

Where thirst, O my mind, torments you to cry out,


qh nwnk hir hir AMimRqu brKY ]4]

teh naanak har har a(n)mirat barakhai ||4||

there, O Nanak, the Ambrosial Name, Har, Har, shall rain down upon you. ||4||

Here it is clear that only Naam will save us on that path. Naam = Gurmantar = 'Vaheguroo'.

Naam/Gurmantar can only officially be received from Punj Pyare after drinking Amrit from them.

So one does not get judged straightaway, the punishments start before judgment by walking this jam maarag. Finally once the path has been completed only then does judgment of sins, good deeds, and bhagti start. Then Dharam Rai gives out a sentence for the sinner to serve an x amount of time in naraks (hells). Pious ones are rewarded in various heavens. However Gurmukhs rise above both heavens and hells and go to very high spiritual planes which cannot be described in words. This judge is called 'Dharam Rai' in Gurbani. Dharam Rai has been appointed by Vaheguru ji himself to administer True Justice. Here is one Gurbani tuk that describes Dharam Rai:


suin suin hI frwieAw ]

sun sun hee ddaraaiaa ||

I am so afraid to hear


krro DRmrwieAw ]2]

kararo dhramaraaiaa ||2||

that the Righteous Judge of Dharma is so strict and stern. ||2|


Some other tuks on this matter:


jmdUq mhw BieAwn ]

jamadhoot mahaa bhiaaan ||

The Messenger of Death is dreadful and horrible.


icq gupq krmih jwn ]

chit gupat karameh jaan ||

The recording scribes of the conscious and the unconscious, Chitr and Gupt, know all actions and karma.


idnu rYin swiK sunwie

dhin rain saakh sunaai ||

Day and night, they bear witness.


nwnkw hir srnwie ]3]

naanakaa har saranaai ||3||

Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of the Lord. ||3||


You're very lucky that you haven't taken Amrit from Punj pyare yet. Because the first time take you take Amrit, ALL sins from this life and many previous lifetimes become automatically forgiven. The sin of adultery is so great that I see no other way of you getting forgiveness in the afterlife, apart from taking the Holy Amrit from Punj Pyare. Once taking Amrit never break it by commiting one of the Bujjer Kurehits (4 Cardinal Sins).

Gurbani talks about the forgiving and loving nature of Vaheguru. However we must follow protocol. That protocol is to meet the Guru Roop Punj Pyare and give our head in return for Amrit and Naam Gurmantar. You will easily be forgiven. This is because you don't even have to confess your sin because first time Amrit candidates don't get questioned on their previous sins. As mentioned, taking Amrit for the first time automatically erases all sins.

Let me know if you would like to have sangat of Naam Abhiyaasi Bibis and I will try to give their contact to you.

Finally I strongly advise that you MUST watch these 2 videos:

I also recommend that you watch all the videos on their YouTube channel, if you have the time.

What you need to do now is read as much Gurbani as possible. As a daily routine try to do the following:

- Full Nitnem (5 banis in the morning, Rehraas Sahib in evening, and Kirtan Sohila before bed)

- 5-10 JapJi Sahib paaths daily

- 5-10 Chaupi Sahib paaths daily for protection of your soul

- Sukhmani Sahib daily

Recite the above in a very loud voice if possible.

Then throughout the day whenever you are walking around or eating, silently chant Mool Mantar in your mind.

Be positive, the Guru will forgive you fully if you take the step to take Amrit. You should first spend some time preparing for Amrit by doing the above routine.


I wish you well in your life.


Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh

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    • Anyone who stops halfway will go straight to a well and jump down it before they realised they had actually stopped halfway... halfway down a well and halfway the deed... leaves you only one option. ... downwards with the gravity. Even kabir ji says... visreya jin naam te pue bhaar thiye.  When you don't jup naam you become a burden on the earth. .. your weight becomes heavier for the earth to bear. Naam jup makes you feel lighter.
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