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Guest Kaur

Suicide Contemplation

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1 hour ago, simran345 said:

I did start a thread on main contact details, and asked for them to be pinned somewhere, but it's not be listened to. 


Thanks :) hope they do it. 

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22 hours ago, Guest Kaur said:

After a couple of years now of seriously contemplating suicide I’ve considered the consequences and the extremity of each of them, understanding that such extremity doesn’t exist. In my eyes, any temporary matters in life such as friends, so called family, ‘happiness’, will neither suffer nor will have any ability in changing my mind at the point I’m at.

Most of me is gone by now, but there is still a droplet of Amrit left inside that won’t let me commit such a crime, but I’m afraid that with time, my mind will take control and I won’t be opposed to such an idea of not existing any longer.

I’m sinking more than ever now

Dear Pen Jee,

your post denotes a deep pain, a big wound, and I believe it is because of unexpected bad behaviour/response from your near and dear ones.

The more one have expectations from others, the more the chances of getting dissapointed and deeply hurt.

You see, apart from our bond with Wahiguru, which is true and eternal, all other relations are "koor" . To some we leave when we depart, some others leave us with betrayl or when they also depart from this plane.

Just now, you need a big dose of love, and trust, to uplift you emotionally, so that your mental recovery takes place.

To start with, though we do not know each other, that matters not much, but for sure,  as a gursikh brother, I send you a big hug, and a lots of love wherever you maybe.

You are not alone, just as all the brothers and sisters above, have contributed with their valuable 2 cents, to make you drop down the negative thoughts, and to support you with their kindness as well.

Just see it  in their posts above. Trust Wahiguru and always be thankful under all conditions.

God bless you.

Sat Sree Akal.

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In my opinion suicide is a not a big thing i would do it myself but however the worst thing would be if you survive the attempt and become a vegtable. You will be stuck not being able to do anything and it will be a million times worse. Sitting on life support with machines in your mouth feeding you. And the thoughts will be still killing you

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