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This thread is aimed at UK community. I know close relatives who recently were victims of aggravated burglary. My message is to not keep any gold or cash of value at home. Also, increase your home security (e.g. good locks, fencing, alarm, CCTV). They could target your or my house next. 

Tackling Asian gold burglaries

14 SEP 2017
Tackling Asian gold burglaries

Police are urging residents to be vigilant following a spate of burglaries in which thieves have stolen valuable jewellery and cash from Asian families.

Jewellery worth tens of thousands of pounds has been stolen from a number of homes across north Essex in recent months.

In one case, two men broke into a property in Laburnum Crescent, Kirby Cross, at around 2.30pm on July 19 and threatened a 25-year-old man with a knife and what appeared to be a gun before stealing jewellery.

The victim attempted to stop the men but was sprayed in the face with an unknown substance, causing irritation to his face.

Burglars are believed to target specific homes and are generally ignoring possessions such as valuable electrical items.

Detective Inspector Jim White said: “Asian traditions have always placed a strong emphasis on jewellery and investing in gold is a time-honoured practice as it plays an important role in many religious festivals as well as significant family occasions, with many items handed down through generations.

“These are not just valuable possessions; they are also of great sentimental worth and are a huge loss to their owners if such jewellery is taken.

“The spate of burglaries we have seen recently is a real concern for me and while we are doing everything we can to identify the criminals responsible, it’s also very important that residents do as much as possible to protect their property.”

There were 13 burglaries in north Essex between May and July, in Colchester, Saffron Walden, Witham, Braintree, Chelmsford, Heybridge, Kirby Cross and three attempted burglaries.

A common theme of such burglaries is that criminals will carry out messy searches of the whole house, including the loft.

Residents are advised to keep any high value items in a safe deposit box or bank. Where this is not possible, put them in a safe, which is secured to a wall or floor and complies with official insurance rating standards.

Take numerous pictures of your jewellery and itemise each one on your home insurance to ensure they are covered by your policy.

Invest in CCTV and burglar alarms wherever possible for extra security and peace of mind.

Residents can also request a home visit from their local crime prevention tactical advisor, who can advise on how to increase security to make homes less attractive to burglars.

When wearing jewellery in public, particularly during wedding season and religious holidays, consider keeping your jewellery hidden discreet until you get to the venue and be extra vigilant.

DI White said: “As criminals are believed to scope areas for homes that could be potential targets, I ask people to be aware of anybody acting suspiciously. If you are in any doubt, call police.

“Any information will help with our investigations into identifying and bringing those responsible for these burglaries to justice.”

Anyone requiring more advice on home security can contact their local crime prevention advisor on 101 or visit www.essex.police.uk.

• Anyone who has information about similar burglaries or has been offered Asian or high value gold for sale is asked to call 101.
• Alternatively contact the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org. No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court.




Jewel thieves who swiped gold and cash worth thousands of pounds from families are being hunted by police.

Police say several Asian families have been threatened with violence and weapons including screwdrivers during 18 jewellery thefts across Bolton .

Detectives say the break-ins were committed with the specific intent of stealing gold jewellery and cash.


A gang of jewellery thieves who targeted Asian families have been jailed for a total of more than 20 years.

Martin Ward, 32, Martin McDonagh, 39, and William O’Donaghue, 41, are from Essex, Kent and London but travelled to the North East to commit their crimes.

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It’s better not to wear the jewellery that will be visible in public, in unsafe places. And as Premi paji says not to leave it at home, suraneyan te bistre thele na rakho. 

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On 15/11/2017 at 11:45 PM, simran345 said:

It’s better not to wear the jewellery that will be visible in public, in unsafe places. And as Premi paji says not to leave it at home, suraneyan te bistre thele na rakho. 

Also, they will target you by looking for where Asians live amongst white people and might even use electoral role to target Asians.

i have heard of a case in East London where thousands of pounds gold and jewellery taken and the women were tortured with hot iron and boiling water. 

Gurdware and Sikh channels must must raise awareness for  our community 


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2 hours ago, Premi5 said:

i have heard of a case in East London where thousands of pounds gold and jewellery taken and the women were tortured with hot iron and boiling water. 

That’s nasty, evil people that do that 😢

2 hours ago, Premi5 said:

Gurdware and Sikh channels must must raise awareness for  our community 

Yes, they could give some awareness and guidance on their programs that women watch the most, such as the vadaiyan and phulkari programmes. 

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I have heard of another incident in south-east London, in the past week, where the whole family was at home, but 6 armed men came and took lots of jewellery and some cash. 

Another article to raise awareness:


Police have urged Londoners to safeguard their valuables against gangs of thieves targeting gold and jewellery during Diwali celebrations - the five-day festival of light due to begin tomorrow.

The warning comes after more than £50 million worth of gold and jewellery was stolen from communities across the capital last year.

Intelligence shows that criminal networks are increasingly involved in lucrative 'family gold theft' which affects many families including those from the Asian, Jewish and Maltese communities across various locations in London.

Police said people can be particularly vulnerable to thieves at this time of year, due to an annual rise in burglary and robbery, and as the nights draw in.

The festival period tends to see a spike in this type of crime largely due to more gold and jewellery being worn as communities travel across London to different venues - whether temples or other people's homes. 

Burglars use various tactics in their search for the jewels, including ripping up floorboards, and removing bath panels and safes. And thieves keen to cash in on the gold often go on to send the valuables through second hand outlets.

Met police have issued a number of safety precautions to the public, in addition to tackling the problem of gold crime through a series of different initiatives.

Detective Superintendent Corrigan said: "Gold will continue to be highly desired by criminals due to the speed and anonymity with which it can be exchanged for large sums of cash.

"These pieces of gold and jewellery are not just valuable possessions, they are also of great sentimental worth, and if stolen, would have a huge impact on owners.

"Our proactive measures to tackle these crimes has seen reductions in offences, however there is more to be done.

"As part of this work, we urge Londoners to take action to safeguard their gold and jewellery by following our simple crime prevention advice."

It's not just the UK, the US, (and maybe Canada?) too?


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Now murder in one of these crime incidents :


Sarbjit Kaur: Family's desperate plea for answers over Wolverhampton murder

By Richard Guttridge | Wolverhampton | Crime | Published: Feb 24, 2018

The family of a woman who was killed at her home say they are desperate for answers about what happened to her.


OSMU7Q54WBDUTBDBA4RCQXULAY.jpg Sarbjit Kaur was found dead at her home in Wolverhampton

Detectives are continuing to investigate the murder of Sarbjit Kaur, who was found dead at her Goldthorn Hill home in Wolverhampton, but have yet to identify any suspects.

Extra officers have been drafted in to try and help piece together what happened at the property on Rookery Lane on Friday, February 16.

The victim, who was originally from the Punjab in India, was attacked and police have said it was possible she was killed during a burglary. But they are also investigating the possibility she was intentionally targeted.

The 38-year-old lived at the house with her husband, who runs a construction firm in the city, and two step-children.

YG6NRHQY5FH3JGVTM33DNUJ2L4.jpg The house in Rookery Lane

Mrs Kaur’s niece Jaszz Mutiar said the family had been left devastated by her death. 

She told the Express & Star from India: “We all are in great shock. We never knew this could happen.

"She was fun-loving, kind-hearted and always cherished.

Ms Mutiar said she was desperate for information about how her aunt came to meet her death. 


She said: “I am not getting any details we are really worried – what happened to her and who is involved in this whole matter.”

Detectives were left stumped by what happened to Mrs Kaur in the days following her death.

She was discovered at around 4pm. She had been assaulted and it’s believed may have died several hours before family members found her body.

It is believed jewellery was taken from the house.

Police have begun to scour CCTV in the area and are continuing to carry out forensic examinations of the murder scene. 

Chief Superintendent Jayne Meir said this week: “At this stage, we are keeping an open mind in relation to the attack but we don’t know whether there is one person responsible or a number.

“We are not ruling out the possibility that this was a burglary, but we don’t know whether this address has been randomly targeted or whether there’s been a motive to target either Mrs Kaur or the address itself.”

“However, the motive is unclear; we are keeping an open mind and examining several lines of inquiry.

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