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Kirpans now permitted on Canadian domestic and international flights

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    • Ur doing so good and only 16. If I look back at myself when I was 16 I didn’t even know anything about sikhi in true terms.. nothing at all.. don’t be disheartened whatever ur going thru it’s also a part of tests (parikhya) that a true Gursikh has to pass and you will pass for sure coz u have that love and devotion.. and whatever mrdoaba has mentioned is right. Trip to India and spending some time with Gursikhs or nihangs would be useful but u can do that there as well.. I don’t know which country ur from but I’m sure u would find some true gursikhs there as well.. just don’t give up.. 
    • Thank you so much for your wonderful reply veer ji. I cannot say how thankful i am for you. I wil try my best to follow your advice. No i will not be going alone to india. I am going with my nanne.
    • I talked to someone about these lines and he told me some things about it.. but he didn’t send me the path that has these lines.. basically he said It’s ok if we keep doing the path without those lines.. 
    • Whats the latest news on the free jaggi campaign? Btw has any of his family or friends approached channel 4 new journalists/presenters? Usually they cover these kinda of human rights stories especially if it concerns british citizens and make a huge deal about it in the mainstream media.
    • Can you post the url links to those profiles? And I agree christian missionaries are a huge problem for Sikhs. These people are evil like their islamic counterparts they prey on the vulnerable and weak minded spewing their backward abrahamic nonsense. The fault lies with the community and the leaders who do not see the threat and consequences of people converting to christianity. in 1940s the British Christian white racist extremists under the british empire east india company invaded and fought 2 bloodly and costly wars with the Sikhs. Sikhs didnt invade the UK with armed force and convert non-believers to Sikhs but the christians tried to in Punjab just like the muslims did back in the days of the Guru's. The Christians found out to their cost that armed force wouldn't win over the convert the native punjabi Sikhs because by nature punjabis are hot blooded and rebels and would rather die and fight against those who wage war on them than embrace their evil foriegn ideology. So now the west is trying different tactics they are using money, drugs and pumping huge numbers of missionaries into india and punjab to convert low IQ weak minded people to their abrahamic cult of worshipping the white man ( in the form of jesus). Our community is also at fault for allowing this because of the evil filthy ideology of castism and in relation to sikhs its the filth of jattism (egged on by the brahmin hindus) that creates divisions in Sikh society where there should be none as Sikhi was formed by the Guru's to destory these social ills of brahmin hinduism. Also pure Sikhi isnt about looking like a amritdhari khalsa on the outside its more about being Sikh on the inside. So some sehajdhari Sikhs feel as they cant cut their hair in Sikhi without mor0ns accusing them of being non-sikhs so they might aswell be a non-sikh and convert to a different faith. So then it reduces numbers and creates more opposition to Sikhi. The lost youth may feel Sikhi is too hard or too complicated or not even know what Sikhi teaches because they dont have access to good material