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10 hours ago, Hammertime007 said:

Saw it not what I expected. Sikhi only mentioned once and that was positive, when he said to his English girl friend that Sikhs beilive all men are equal. Main topic of this programme wasn't even race or mixed marriage, it was mental health. Sikhi not misrepresented. 

I actually thought the drama was really good, i was expecting a gurinder chadha style behsti on show. But the mental health thing was excellent. Some ppl complaining on fb, saying y is it showing him with a gori etc....Its based on sathnams actual life, so if hes with a gori, thats wat is gona b shown. 1 big let down was however the bath scene.....oh jaroori si? Ehmi unnecessary gandha scene. Apart from that, id say it was decent. Alot of non sikhs online were complimentary, that at last, some non gora culture/meaningful drama n storyline was shown.

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    • Exactly. To be proud of one's language we should strive to speak words from our own language. Rabb is a commonly heard word in our community, but many do not know that it is Arabic. We can use indigineous words such as Ishwar or Parmatma instead during daily discourse. It's actively trying to bring back words that we used but were forced to extinction in our language because of violent invaders.
    • The question would be are there arab loanwords that can be gotten rid off if we have perfectly good indigenous words we could use instead. For example, should we use sansaar instead of duniya.  What other words could we replace if it is already in our vocabulary. Do some us prefer the back throated sounds of the Arab words because we think it sounds sexy and we can pretend to be some pakhandi Sufi poet? 
    • We would also have a far deeper presence in the Gangetic Plains.  No British, no East India Company, no Purbia /Bihari army with no mutiny.  The last remaining mughals would have been finished off a lot quicker.  Awadh,  Agra,  Lucknow would have fallen into Sikh hands.  There would be a link of Sikhi stretching all the way to Patna. 
    • 19 11 2017 1) What costs more than riches but doesn't cost a penny; that's also hard to find yet easy to lose? 2) How can you make seven even? 3) If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I? 4) What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it? 5) am free yet priceless, you can't own me but you can use me, you can't keep me but you can spend me. Once you lost me you can never have me back. What am I?   Well, the answers are : 1) Friend 2) Drop the  S 3) Secret 4) Silence 5)Time
    •   THIS IS EPIC A man was being interviewed for a post of a commando in the Army... Interviewer : we want a person with a suspicious mind,  always alert,  ready to attack, acute sense of hearing, detective ability, and most importantly, having a killer instinct ! So do you think you are eligible ? Man: Sir ....  can my wife apply ?     Made for each other.. Relationship is easy,
      when spouses know each other Here are 2 classic  examples: 1) A husband comes home after attending a club meeting.
      He tells his wife,“Dear there was a drinking competition after meeting today.” His wife spontaneously...,
         “Who got the second position?” 2) A wife tells her husband,
      “Dear there was a letter for you.
      It’s written on the envelope,
      ‘Private and confidential.’” The husband casually asks,
           “What was written inside?" Great understanding of each other.