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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


I have a friend who is a Sikh from France, and he lives near no Gurdwara. He is looking for a sangat and someone to help him out. The problem is that he contacted the Gurdwaras in france multiple times, but they have not responded. 


Please help! 

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    • Please provide me with some evidence of this increase    Syuk don't speak out against all terrorism or all discrimination.. They had nothing to say when 'Right wing', edl, Britain first nazi follower killed Jo Cox.. I don't see them and have not seen them speaking out against attacks on minorities in the wake of brexit.. The fact is they choose to homogenise a very diverse community of people and demonise a entire religious group which is ridiculous..    How ironic that you see a group like syuk as opposing intolerance.. The mind boggles at the intellectual  gymnastics your able to make..  I have no problem in opposing any bigotry.. And will always stand against intolerance however that doesn't mean I will demonise a diverse group of people who come under a lazy umbrella term.. There are many different voices of Islam, sunni, Shia, ahmadi, sufi... Just in the same way sikh panth is plural and made up of people who have commonalities but also are very different..  You seem confused and conflate, Marxism, communism, and socialism..  Marxism is a theory about the nature of the  economic organisation of society and the implications of that.. I'm not a marxist or a communist... However I think sikh philosophy is largely congruent with much of the social aspects of it 
    • For starters, it seems that any Sikh orgs that do speak out against what's happening in general that may have "some" shared views with those that seem to be not of the liberal/left persuasion is seen as an abomination by left wing Sikhs.  It leads to me to believe that you are clearly on the left of the political spectrum. There is nothing wrong in being on the left of the spectrum. However, the left of the spectrum these days which claim to be tolerant and inclusive except they are very selective as to whom they are tolerant towards. Now with the increase in muslim population has meant an increase in certain crimes such as organised street grooming and terrorism.  Now with these happening more often, people are beginning to find patterns for this. A lot of this rooted in Islamic ideology. The fact the likes of SYUK will speak out against this you don't like. The people who support the left of the political spectrum like the Islamists for some reason and tend to walk on egg shells around them.  However, people on the left of the political spectrum (like yourself I believe) won't think twice about attacking people who want to stand up to the intolerance.  The contradiction I find generally with the left is that they want full rights for gays yet at the same time want full Sharia law for muslims. The irony is that the muslims will attack the gays if given half the chance. Muslims will not show tolerance and the people on the left will not speak out.  If someone not of the left points this out, it is pointed out as hate speech and you are shouted down called islamophobic or racist.  The left want diversity, just not diversity of opinion. In the Communist countries, freedom of speech is not allowed. The left claims to be liberal but act in the same manner of Communist countries. Communism has it's origins in Marxism and I suspect the left are Marxists in disguise. They might not be in power politically but there is cultural subversion going on. It seems that you are clearly influenced by this type of thought. That is why I suggested that you may be a Cultural Marxist.  I provided a link from the Telegraph to show what is happening in universities that has been overwhelmed by leftist though is now doing no platform which means freedom of speech is being curtailed.  This is cultural marxism taking over. However, if it is Islamic hate speech it is accepted. Your stance against SYUK seems to suggest that you are accepting of Islamist hate speech but not of people who would fight against it like Tommy Robinson.  I think the problem Sikhs on left of the political spectrum is that they think Sikhi somehow is the same as this leftist thought. It is not. They are influenced by the left (which is influenced by Marxism ) more so than Sikhi. That is why I called you a Cultural Marxist.  If you feel that is not articulated enough for you I can go on and on and on. The problem with your thought process is that it may eventually lead into a totaliterian system.  Totalitarianism is the antisesis of Sikhi.  
    • Our life is so short. We have so many constraints and chains. Remembering Bhai Sahib's beautiful life accomplishments as a Gursikh.
    • This is what I was referring to... 
    • Avoiding what my brother?  It appears to me that you use such labels as 'cultural marxist' without having a clear definition of what it is.. Please in your own words explain.. What examples have you provided of evidence of my indoctrination?  Using content produced by others just suggests to me that you don't really know what you are talking about... I'm sure you do... But without explicitly articulating your assertion, quite frankly it seems like you are more comfortable in being a sycophant than having your own opinions..  With all due respect  S