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    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
      Vaheguru ji ki fateh, jiii Mhmm, when people burn the tarkha it isnt really good. You should check this site: http://www.gursevak.com/health ! See the "View of Gurbani on keeping good health". The Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam sanstha people came to a gurdwara ji near my city, and the singh ji from there told us that desi ghyo is good for us.. Even online, during their samagam there was a person who talked in the mic and said they had heart problems and medicine didnt get rid of all the dukh, and so they were told about desi ghyo and they ate it with shakk thinking it might be bad but they said they started feeling better (he also started reading gurbani ji), and even his DR started asking him what he changed but he didnt tell him lol. But my mom said to me Indias weather is different, and so it might be better to consume it there rather in the cold western places. I too put one teaspoon of desi ghyo in my daal/sabji cup almost everytime now. Margarine, on the other hand is not acceptable. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
    • Yes I’m thinking of trying the desi gheo again, as my grandmother used to use it. We use extra virgin something or other too but not coconut, that’s rich, but don’t heat for too long. The thing is some people tend to luuh (burn) the thorka, so that ruins the dish. Oh and sprinkle some fresh thania (coriander) at the end or before serving.  I’m not sure about the desi gheo, I think it’s a bit heavy, so for those that burn off a lot of calories it should be ok, but in moderation. There was a thread on here last year of desi gheo. I’ll try to find it later. 
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
      Vaheguru ji ki fateh, jiii Ooh thats kinda like how we do it, but we dont use onions or garlic or masara daal (personal choice hehe). & desi ghyo is healthy, but I dont think doing thurka of it is good, right? I prefer cold pressed virgin coconut oil, its really healthy and I heard it also helps stop anxiety. But dont use more than a teaspoon the 1st few time cuz it pumps blood in the body really fast (it happened to me the 1st time lol). vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
    • We do thorka to most sabjis/daals, but don’t use butter, but oil instead and don’t put in all the masalas, etc. Just keep it simple, jeera, ginger, salt n sometimes garlic, tomatoes, tumeric, that’s it. Add some chillies if you want. Yellow daal, don’t do thorka to it and it’s so much healthier and better since we stopped the thorka. Simple is how to keep the nutrients in too. 
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa
      Vaheguru ji ki fateh, jii Be careful though, tharka isnt really healthy.. Very easy to skip it. I usually use jeera instead.  vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh