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SikhVOTE Voter Registration in Virginia

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SikhVOTE Voter Registration in Virginia

 October 4th, 2017



With elections in Virginia quickly approaching, SALDEF staff and volunteers have been busy registering voters at Gurdwaras across Virginia in preparation for the elections on November 7th, 2017.

In 1923, the Supreme Court proclaimed that Sikh Americans could not become citizens — we could not vote and were denied a voice in our country. Today, we have the right to vote, the right to share our voice and determine the direction of our nation. Many leaders including Bhagat IMG_5456.JPGSingh Thind, made great sacrifices to ensure these rights.

SALDEF’s SikhVote Initiative was created to solidify these rights and ensure that Sikh Americans can and do exercise their voting rights. By voting, we can influence the decisions our elected officials make which impact our rights. Increasing the number of Sikh Americans registered to vote is one of the best ways to build and strengthen our community’s voice, presence and political capacity.

SALDEF encourages all Virginia Sikh Americans to fully exercise their rights and register to vote by the October 16th deadline!

Visit https://www.elections.virginia.gov/voter-outreach/ to register now.

For more materials on voter registration in English and Punjabi, please visit  http://saldef.org/issues/vote2012/sikhvote/#.WdPgNhOPI0o.

IMG_5455.JPGJoin our SikhVOTE efforts today by volunteering at a registration drive, registering new Sikh American voters at your local Gurdwara, and encouraging registered Sikh Americans to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017. If you are interested in volunteering to help empower our community through voting, please contact satnam@saldef.org.

To ensure that we are able to continue to do this important work, please make a 100% tax-deductible donation to support SALDEF by clicking here or going to www.saldef.org/donate on your mobile device now.

Source - http://saldef.org/news/sikhvote-voter-registration-virginia/#.WdjoyBlX7qB

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    • Even if it is, it doesn’t matter, its not a nice situation to be in and the OP is wanting somebody to listen to him, which we can do. Im sure there will be others that have been or are in the same situation. Reality sometimes doesn’t meet the expectations one has. 
    • Agree, some of my relatives are visiting India and they’ve said that the generation now don’t care about anything. They don’t want to work or do the housework, guys or girls, and are quite lazy compared to the previous generation. I thought it was only the people I came across when I went, but three different relatives say the same thing, and said they answer back to the elders more than they do abroad. They don’t give two hoots about them and carry on being oblivious. I was quite shocked to hear this. There are good people but like finding gems in soil, not many. There also needs to be sincerity and empathy like Ranjit paji says. It’s a gamble and because of the distance and differences in the way people are, it’s harder to deal with than if she was from the same country. 
    • This was posted here in 2009, very much in line with missionary soch:  Waheguru Je Kha Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh: I just wanted to chime in as I see this thread has had some recent activity in light of the recent controversy surrounding the Sojhi curriculum at Fremont Gurdwara which I understand has now been removed... I'd like to thank everyone who has weighed in so far. I continue to believe that there is a great deal of potential for an entity like the Sikh Research Institute. As mentioned in my original post, they have done some good work such as helping with the making of the Widow Colony. But the good that they do should not give them a pass when they are wrong. I am convinced, now more than ever, that the worldwide sangat, particularly those here in North America need to stand up and refute some of what Harinder Singh is saying. Just to recap, here is a sampling of the more controversial aspects of Harinder Singh's "research" courtesy of Panthic Weekly: Do not believe in Dasam Granth Promote meat eating Promote pre-marital dating, do not allow parents in their camps Promote 3 bani nitnem with only 6 pauri Anand Sahib Do not believe in reading gurbani for our soul, only for research Believe Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a book of knowledge and not Pargat Guran Ki Deh Carry Guru Ji in suitcases to their camps etc Do not believe in Chaur Sahib, Parsad bhog, Guru Ji's bastar and other daily sewa Has changed Gurmantar from Waheguru to Vahguru Has removed reference to Sri Nankana Sahib from Ardas Has changed Dohre - from Guru Manyo Granth to Guru Panth Has disrespected Guru Ji by saying Dasam Pita Ji was saved by sikhs in Chamkaur (vs Guru saves us all) Has written disrespectful things about Pancham Pita's shaheedi and believe if Sukhmani Sahib could not save Guru ji from hot tavi, how can it help a sikh's problems I'm all for people having an opinion but he should be prepared to back these up. Ideally he would participate in a debate similar to the one that the Singhs in Toronto had with Kala Afghana a few years back. Bhai Bhinderpal Singh would strike me as a good person to participate in such a debate. From everything that I have heard, Harinder has so far refused to participate in a debate each time he has been requested to do so. I think we should try and identify folks within the community who are just as articulate as he is and tackle each one of his blasphemous assertions...just my two cents.