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Sikh boy attempts 1,000 Indian Squats on his 8th birthday

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This kind of challenge will allow this boy to develop the grit needed to work out of his comfort zone and take his body beyond the fatigue barriers that one usually falls short at.  There was a young child in Amritsar who took on this challenge as a child who went on to become a wrestler by the  name of 'Gama Pehlvan' the worlds greatest and only undefeated wrestler in the history of the sport.  

This type of training will do no harm to this  kids body as long as he only performs this once or twice a year.  The rest of the year he can do smaller repetitions to develop endurance.  These type of challenges will develop a strong mind and body.

Of course it would be safer and less taxing for his health to wear bangles and and watch Indian dramas but Singhs are Lions not sheep.

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