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3 types of karams

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As per the vedantists , there're three different types of karams :

1) Prarabdha karam

This are the past karam because of which we got the current configuration in this earthly plane.  These are the karams that have fruited . There is no way to extinguish the effects of these karams , except by bearing them , whether good or bad.  It's like an arrow shot from the archer's bow cannot come back. It's destined to hit. Its too late now to undo the effect of the arrow. It only can be bore now. 

 Prarabdha karam makes up a person's destiny. 

2) Sanchit karam

These are accumulated karams , from many lifetimes. Prarabdha karam is that portion of sanchit which is taken for bearing in this lifetime. I think sanchit karam are the first ones to be destroyed by naam simran. 

3) Kriyaman karam

These are the current karam we're doing, the fruits of which we're destined to bear in the coming time. 


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