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Guest recentlyengaged

wjkk wjkf sangat jee,

daas has recently gotten engaged to a bibi and we are in that phase currently where we are trying to get to know each other and form a strong foundation for our anand karaj.

We are from different cities and this weekend I am visiting her for a day out.

For couples who have been through this, what is appropriate conduct? obviously outside bajjar kurehit, is any touch inadvisable? A greeting hug with when saying fateh, holding hands, breaking the touch barrier? is this allowed, obviously no kisses nothing like that.


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As somebody who just recently got married i advise not to touch, maybe just a small little hug when meeting but thats it. 

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Guest Kahan singh

May be i am way too old to provide a answer for today's generation as compared to my days, but son why do u want to know what is the boundary line?

do you want to stay well within the rehat or want to go just near the limit line( making feel ur self that Yes I am still in rehat as I haven't crossed the boundary )

Have a just normal hug, touching hands are nothing wrong as u r engaged already but what is wrong if u stay 2 feet away ?


have a happy life Singh


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