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singhbj singh

First ever non white Student President of Birmingham City University

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    • I guess nobody knows why budha dal and hazoor sahib give kirpan Amrit to women and khande da for men.. I don’t understand this thing  because I don’t know the reason it’s making me to think something that I shouldn’t be thinking. So anyone knows plz share it. I had already planned about going to hajoor sahib in March and get Amrit from there but  after knowing this it’s making me to stop like why is this difference between men and women everywhere now. Before I knew about doing sewa and now about Amrit too.. things like these makes me soo disappointed.. that’s the reason I want to know the reason 
    • VJKK VJKF, Sangat ji, I have a question.  I won't lie, I'm quite scared of the answer. I had a dream and I don't believe what happened in my dream was a coincidence. I think God is giving me a sign. Does God give signs? Anyway, so I had a dream or was it a nightmare, I'm not sure what it was but it freaked me out, like big time. In my dream/nightmare I went for peshi. But the messed up part is when I went for peshi in my dream/nightmare, I was there because I had lied when I last when peshi (in my dream/nightmare). My questions are as follows: What does Sikhism say about dreams/nightmares? Are our Gods angry at me for lying at peshi in my peshi dream/nightmare? Do I have to go peshi in real life? Is it a sign from one of our 10 Gods? How will I explain at peshi in real ife that I am pesh there because I had a peshi dream/nightmare in which I was pesh for lying at my previous peshi which was also a (peshi) dream sequence? When and where is the next peshi? Please help me Sangat Ji.  
    • Lolllllllll!!!!!!!!