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Guest Saddened Hindu

Is it really Sikh, Sikhi, Sikhism vs Hindu, Hinduism and it's beliefs?

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Found these following gems of calmness, which would like to share with the sangat, regarding this thread, as well as to  those matters, related to the differences, between different dharmas, nationalites, and races.



“Differences in religious beliefs, politics, social status,

and position

are all secondary.

When we look at someone with compassion,

we are able to see beyond these secondary differences

and connect to the primary essence

that binds all humans together as one.

which is none other

that of the Light of the Universal Truth:

Wahiguru Akal Purukh” 



The biggest communication problem is

we do not  listen to understand


we listen to reply.

So naturally, flames of anger and hatred

shall be the output

of that narrow mindedness

hiding behind fanatical irrational excuses.



“Once we have a firm practice of compassion

our state of mind becomes stronger

which leads to inner peace,

giving rise to self-confidence,

which reduces fear.

This makes for constructive members of the community.

Self-centeredness on the other hand

leads to distance,

suspicion, mistrust and loneliness,

with unhappiness as the result.”


Sat Sree Akal.

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“It is amazing how people everywhere hold the same false beliefs and hear the same destructive voices in our heads.

We can call that the lower self.

That in itself shows that we are all basically one consciousness, albeit based in physicality and duality.

But to the bright side, there is also a higher consciousness, a Oneness, we share.

We can wake up to that lower self, see that it has never served or protected us, and let go... into the Silence and Stillness where there already exists the freedom and peace we long for.”


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When you call yourself an indian,

a christian, a muslim, or a european

or anything else,

you are being violent.


you are separating yourself

from the rest of mankind.

When you separate yourself by belief

by nationality, by tradition,

this breeds fanatism, hatred and violence.

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Guest Hdas


I agree with you that there has been huge amount of racism against sikhs in India the past 100 years (I wouldn't trace it back to Gangu though, I don't think his motive was religion nor was he connected to a movement of some kind).

However two rights don't make a wrong.  It is not correct for us to use that to justify nastiness in return.  We shouldn't make excuses about it.  And i am not talking about a shallowness political correctness, but recognising the principle that it wrong to hurt people.  This is aside from the fact that you may be hurting innocent people, as well as turning into the thing you hate.

Read Baba Farids saloks- if someone is nasty to you, wish them well in return (bhala) and return to your work (own dharam).  You have to keep your mind clean of negativity in order to keep it healthy and protect it from dangerous ignorance and destructive actions.

As for mobs from 1984 etc, personally I believe true justice will come only from God's hands.  it is better for us to support the victims. replace anger and resentment against the perpetrators with mercy and kindness to the victims.

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Guest Hdas


I can see TejS's point though.  I think youth see and learn about injustices in recent history and also the difficulties their parents' generation faced, and they naturally feel hurt and angry about it.  They do not know how to cope with this feeling (which is understandable) and it manifests in this way.

Also you can see the racism that passes against sikhs as 'entertainment' in bollywood films.  

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Guest Sarbhloh
On 9/12/2017 at 7:49 PM, Jacfsing2 said:


In the same way a Non-Muslim can enter mosques other than Mecca and Medina, same with Jaganath Puri, they also refuse non-Subcontinental Hindu converts from entering. Even the Hindu tyrants like Indra Gandhi and Jagdidh Tytler, (who is a devout Christian, who killed innocent Sikhs.)

Sikhs are always welcomed in Jaggannath puri because of great reverence of Guru Nanak Dev ji made by then king of that place.


Read this: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Guru_Nanak_at_Puri


No Hindu temple denies entry of Sikhs. No idea from where you have got this misconception.

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Personally, I feel we as Sikhs are a lot like Hindus in terms of core religious beliefs. The main differences (as I understand it) are an emphasis on Naam vs rituals, and the Khalsa rehit. Of course, there is more to it than that.

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Guest Jacfsing2
On 9/29/2017 at 1:40 PM, Guest Sarbhloh said:

Sikhs are always welcomed in Jaggannath puri because of great reverence of Guru Nanak Dev ji made by then king of that place.


Read this: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Guru_Nanak_at_Puri


No Hindu temple denies entry of Sikhs. No idea from where you have got this misconception.

Personally, I'm mostly done with the forum, so I won't make some long argument, but for the sake of knowledge, don't ever compare yourself to Guru Sahib, ever! Otherwise adios.

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Guest Sikh
On 08/09/2017 at 9:13 AM, Guest Saddened Hindu said:

I'm here because I now feel that either the teachings, teachers, interpretations or the followers of Sikhism themselves are in the wrong or being guided with malacious intent. My use of word malicious is intentional because I have started to feel the maliciouness. My childhood Sikh friends have closed "Only Sikh" chat groups where they share Hindu jokes about coward Hindus, impotent Hindus, Hindu whores etc. I got to know as a misdirected forwards got sent to our common group. I've stopped going to gurudwaras because I hear and feel a common theme of country of Hindus, government of Hindus, cow-urine-drinking-rat-monkey idolising Hindus, coward Hindus and Lion Sikhs etc. I am here to gauge, know and hopefully get reassured that somehow an undercurrent of hatred against Hindus is not gaining momentum and hopefully is not perpetuated by the very gurudwaras. That my very good childhood friend doesn't think of me as a coward or belonging to a coward race. That they don't see my wife n daughter as a <banned word filter activated>. That they are not disrespectful of my beliefs/identity. When I say they, I mean my Sikh friends, colleagues and all the Sikhs. Are Sikhs somehow being taught this disrespect through the family unit, gurudwaras, community congregations, media?  I am looking for intelligence, reason, guidance and true knowledge from members/guests who are not blindfolded by parochial view of religion and with whom I can engage in a civil and a thought provoking dialougue.

Being spiritually balanced is being spiritually accepting that some people live one way and others live another. 


The Gurus didn't target any religion  propogate making fun of others and malice. A Gurus Sikh respects All and freedom of choice.

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    • The reason people talk about these topics are because they have real impact on people's lives. If a plane flies into the NYC World Trade Center towers in a Hollywood creation, it has no effect. But when it did so for real, real Sikhs died in the backlash. That was not "false", bro. Also not false was 6 of our brothers dying in the attack on the Gurdwara in Wisconsin. Brexit will have a real impact on people's lives in Britain, which includes us or our brothers living in the UK. It's a matter of vital importance because if the UK remains in the EU, it could be forced to accept huge numbers of "refugees" just like the Eastern European countries are being forced to. If that happens, we will be living in a quasi-Islamic state in Britain because when the number of Muslims in a country reaches a threshold level, people are no longer free to live their lives in the way they want. If you're one of those that wants to put their heads in the sand, that's fine, but why do you even read Internet discussion boards? You should be living simply in nature far away from the crowds like Henry David Thoreau. Definitely a place with no Internet access.
    • Good point, I had entirely failed to consider that. That period could be considered the precursor to empire.
    • It could be possible that the Guru's time was our age of pioneering in a way, as they brought ideas that were never heard of in india at the time and slowly introduced the tenents like the one universal creator, langar, gurmukhi, and later the militarization of the panth. If this is true, then that adds another 200 or so years to the empires lifetime. But then again we would have to define the first date we took rule (both spiritually and temporally). Other than that I entirely agree with you. 
    • Well, if for other empires, the stages were spread out over centuries, we compressed the latter 4 stages over less than half a century up to falling before the British. I think you could say we skipped over the pioneer stage or not really applicable to us, since we were already spread out in the Indian sub-continent. The 18th century was spent in battles and conquests. The first half of the 19th century comprised further conquests, and also commerce, affluence, intellect, and decadence. Finally loss of empire to the British. Many commentators have stated that raj leads to affluence which leads to softness which leads to loss to the enemy. I agree with this.  Also, the Rehit was supposed to keep us hard, but we disregarded Rehit in the time of the Sikh Raj because we had become too enamored of the pleasures of the flesh, fine foods and wines, and beautiful ladies.
    • Unfortunately, I haven't studied the Sikh Raj enough to bring up examples other than Gulab and Lal Singh. It seems from these cases that promises of power and wealth are the biggest causes of treason in the sikh kaum, as Lal Singh sold off military secrets. Maya seems to be one of the bigger reasons our leadership fails us as they fall into these tricks. Its not just a problem with us but almost all communities.  Having meetings where issues in the panth are deliberated on (Sarbat Khalsa), with the panj pyare in charge, have been the best method of policy making in the kaum and building trust in the leadership. Ranjit Singh abolished this as in his view, they had Khalsa so the meetings were pointless as his ruling party would make decisions. I don't know how much this would in paticular, would have influenced betrayal in the panth but its worth reinsating/organizing on a smaller level. Like maybe, for this site we could have a yearly tick box for things the kaum should do and we can check up on those tasks to see if they are being implemented.