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Pray for hurricane Irma

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11 hours ago, ipledgeblue said:

You want to pray for the hurricane??? Wouldn't it be better to pray for the victims?

That was classic! :rofl

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    • Sikhs should not take this threat lightly, they should make this one of election issues put in the laps of conservatives to address it (if they wish to win sikh votes) by reassuring canadians and canadian sikhs over and over that they won't violating the canadian sikhs right by allowing alien foreign entity - India intelligence to espionage sabotage / espionage cdn sikhs here. The problem is we been too polite with our political parties, especially conservatives. This needs to be addressed by both conservatives and liberals. Since liberals have shown they are protecting canadian right such as omar khadr conservatives have done more opposite they are projecting themselves pro tough on everything, they will not think twice throwing sikhs under the bus. Conservatives now are more influenced by trump than stephan harper. Stephen harper where credit its due was much better conserative pm, he told GOI in india, we beleive in freedom of expression and told them we beleive in protecting canadian rights when sikh separatism was raised.    
    • I spent a week with the girl after the marriage. We did not exactly hit it off. I found her to be quite abrupt, aggressive and inconsiderate. There was no feelings of a connection. It was hardly surprising as we had not spoken before the marriage. So it was like two complete strangers. I know arranged marriages are not easy and it takes time for an attachment to form. But from the time I spent wit her I did not think we was compatible at all.  I am not sure how bringing her over and living together is going to change all this. Hence why I was thinking of ending it now before there is any more heartake and problems in the future for us and our families. Belive me this is the last thing I wanted to do. I have heard stories before Of men going to India getting married and abandoning their wifes. I never though I would be in this position. I know that I can recover being a professional and financially secure in the uk.  My main worry is for the girl being as she comes from a poor background and living with the guilt of abandoning the girl. At the same time I have to think of my happiness and future also. Its just an extremely difficult situation. The girl rings me regularly and is more into me then I am into her. She is very keen on coming to the UK for a better life. This whole situation has caused much fighting in my household with everyone blaming everyone but themselves.  I am not entirety sure who is at fault or what is the best thing to do. 
    • Why do you say this bro? Jagmeet Singh only has activism of supporting basic rights of Sikh prisoners, or supporting Punjab, not of supporting terrorism or bombings. As to the question of pictures of Parmar in a few Gurdwaras: How many such Gurdwaras are there? But secondly, perhaps Jagmeet should have said that the entire point behind the photos being there are that those Gurdwaras don't think that Parmar did it. It would be insane for a Gurdwara to claim that Parmar did it and to support him for doing so. Meaning, it's one thing to not accept that Parmar did it (you can call someone deluded for thinking that), but that's not the same thing as supporting the bombing. Regarding 1984 resolutions, how about this: Propose a combined motion condemning the Jewish holocaust, Armenian genocide, Sikh genocide, and a few others thrown in for good measure, and then dare people to vote against it. Yeah, what is exactly is he for? More taxes/less taxes? Deficit spending? Canada already has socialized medicine and auto insurance. What else does he want to nationalize? Automobile manufacturing?
    • Yeah, you posted a link to this article in the other topic, too. Good on your for reposting here. It deserves its own thread, very interesting article. Many interesting things: 1) He calls the Sikhs and India equally savage. This might rub Sikhs wrong, but it's actually a massive improvement over the likes of Jonathan Kay. He seems to thing India was some wonderful democratic paradise, marred by the Sikhs who were violent for no reason whatsoever. MacDonald is actually calling the Indian government actions savage. 2) He says the Indian intelligence agencies threatened Canada that "we'll take care of the Sikhs if you don't". This is a huge violation of Canada's sovereignty. I can't believe more is not being made of this. India simply does not have the right to kill people on Canadian soil (same vice versa). 3) How did Atwal get a visa to India? Has any "journalist" other than MacDonald (like Terry M or Jonathan Kay) been curious as to this question? If not, it shows their agenda.