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Upcoming Kirtan by Dr Tejinderpal Singh (Dulla Veerji)

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    • Guest Helpmeplease
      wjkk wjkf sangat jee i recently took amrit 3 months ago randomly...had no prior planning just decided to on the day and gurdwara comittee allowed me to do ishnaan at guru ghar and provided me with kakkar. my problem is no one in my family is into sikhi and although i am good with my kakkar and have stayed away from bujjar kurehits my nitnem routine is very poor. I do rehras sahib and kirtan sohila everyday but my morning nitnem is always incomplete :'(. I do japji sahib ok but by the time i get half way through jaap sahib i just can't carry on my attention span is SOOOO short!!! I end up giving up half way through jaap sahib. My attention span is like this always I can't sit and do one thing for a long time :'( it's really getting me down now as i want to do my panj baniyan and every morning i sit down and think today is the day but it never happens and its been a few months now. I keep thinking it will get better as i get used to it and i go to bed pumping myself but always fail  please help with tips!!!
    • Swear down his views seem to change more than Trump's which is saying something as he frequently changes his mind.
    •   “It is amazing how people everywhere hold the same false beliefs and hear the same destructive voices in our heads. We can call that the lower self. That in itself shows that we are all basically one consciousness, albeit based in physicality and duality. But to the bright side, there is also a higher consciousness, a Oneness, we share. We can wake up to that lower self, see that it has never served or protected us, and let go... into the Silence and Stillness where there already exists the freedom and peace we long for.”  
    •   ENLIGHTENMENT   "Enlightenment or true spiritual growth, can be achieved only through persistent exercise of real love.”   *And the persistent excercise of real love, is the only one we offer to our beloved Wahiguru Akal Purukh, through Bhakti. There are many types of love in different relationships, but He being the embodiment of supreme Truth, is the only One Being(Ik Oankar), worthy of all our unconditional love, and more, and more, and more love, without reservations. Sat Sree Akal.