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Anti-Sikh Right wing Hindu nationalist Rajiv Malhotra Says Sikhs are sect of Hinduism

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14 hours ago, TejS said:

And I'm not saying we should ignore what they're doing. All I am saying is we need to first know what is a Sikh, which most of our population does not know. You will find many so-called Sikhs agreeing with Rajiv Malhotra's claims, due to their lack of knowledge on Sikhi, so when our own stand divided, how can we combat these foreign forces as one united group. We can't stop these people from talking unless we combat it as a united force. When one Sikh will deny any relation to Hinduism, ten other Sikhs will stand up saying we are connected to them - so in the end, the struggle becomes useless and futile. We need internal reform, before we can combat these type of people.

And regards to the like of Sakshi and her anti-Sikh sentiment, well it isn't a new thing at all. It's always been present (think of Gangu) however with the rise of the BJP and Hindu nationalism in India, more and more people like her are becoming vocal about it. The reason we have to endure this, is because of the mistakes our elders made in not securing a separate country during the Partition. But our generation of Sikhs aren't any better, for we too are making similar mistakes as our elders. 

I'm sure Sakshi will be slammed with hate speech charges, perhaps a Sikh lawyer in India can get on this and escalate this case, although I think they're dealing with it: http://news.statetimes.in/police-probing-conspiracy-to-break-hindu-sikh-unity-search-for-sakshi-bhardwaj-intensified/

You are right

However this is not our fault as a people, this is the fault of external pressures from hindutva groups and SGPC our so called leadership they are happy to be subservient to RSS and New Delhi to avoid the troubles of 1980s 90s. And through lack of firm action and standing up for Sikhi they have created a generation of confused hindunised Sikhs which is exactly the thing they were trying to avoid in when they drew up the ill thought out rehit maryada to force all Sikhs become Khalsa's and pushing Sehajdhari Sikhs into the camps of Hindu punjabi Hindutva groups which in turn lead to troubles in punjab. The brahmin sena and shiv sena grew their hair long and beards wore turbans became fake khalsa's and killed Sikhs and innocents to give Sikh Seperatists a bad name in punjab. One way or another they will enforce their rule on us until we are truly free of them.

The brahmin and hindtuva groups will never stop trying to pull Sikhs and Sikhi into the fold of hinduism either through military and terrorist means as they did in 1980s 90s. Or through buying off or infiltrating Sikh orgs with keshdhari hindus posing as Sikhs like they have done in ancient past and do so presently.

Sikhs need to recognise this reality as fact first before we can move to a better future

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end of the day, hinduism term was created to suit the gora, angrej, firanghi to make bharati/hindus/hindustanis follow the abrhamic concept of religion.

hinduism term doesn't really apply to the dharmik traditions, including sikhi of course.

hindu itself used to be used as a geographical and cultural term during 10 Gurus times and mughal rule. IT also pointed to the ancient civilisation, although the term was rare during ancient times. Goras changed and twisted it to a religious label.


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On 03/09/2017 at 11:11 AM, superkaur said:

Why are you hijacking this thread to divert it onto another irrelevant topic? Address me in that topic if you have concerns not this one. You beginning to sound like the same as the troll "SinghOne" and his many alias........ are you him?

And btw that's not attacking SGGS Ji that's just saying my personal view point which is that SGGS Ji is not Waheguru. I gave you my explanations and reasoned logic behind my views.

If you cant differentiate  between an attack and a difference of view point then you really need help.

If you continue to divert the topic to another personal attack and dig at me like a troll would do, I would let Mods take care of you as your intentions are clear your not here to discuss the topic at hand your here to make mischief with members.

Hijacking a thread?  Its very important to read Gurbani and tell what Gurbani says. You have flat out lied. Gurbani says clearly Vaheguru took the 1st form Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji all the way to the Fifth form as Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji.  You do not read Gurbani.  You search Gurbani like a Pathan to lie about Sikhi and rely on wrongly translated lines of Gurbani and paraphrase some of a line to distort what has been said.  Next you will be saying well established facts as gravity are not possible in your opinion.  You don't hold opinions.  You hold hatred toward the Khalsa Panth. You have ran away from this forum in the past because your true intentions have been exposed.  But like a cockroach, you keep coming back.   

You want to win votes by attacking Hindus.  You know Sikhs generally hate Hindus and this will help you win viewers and posters here.  Slow posters and viewers will be soften by your post against Hindus and they will be less likely to address your hatred toward Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Khalsa Panth.  Well keep working to soften others because you have not softened the dog that barks the loudest and bites that don't release.


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Rajiv Malhotra is not in the same category as Sakshi Bhardhwaj. Due to ignorance Rajiv(like most Hindus) believes Sikhs are Hindus while Sakshi Bhardhwaj is just hateful and resentful against Sikhs, Sikhi and Sikh Gurus in general. She has a severe hatred for Sikhs and their Gurus.


Rajiv Malhotra it seems is just ignorant about Sikhi and the mission of the Sikh Gurus. Like most Hindus he ignorantly believes that the only purpose of Sikhi is to protect Hinduism. Leaving aside his ignorance of Sikhi but he has done some great research in exposing Christian missionary organizations and western academia's attitude towards eastern traditions. Before him, a lot of people did not know of westerners doing theft of eastern knowledge in regards to mind sciences, medicine and taking the credit of those and re-branding it as "western knowledge".

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