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Does anyone know the Nihang nitnem?

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I can tell you what is in the Buddha Dal gutka as from the banis I read yesterday

( I haven't finished full nitnem today, been at work and trying to finish using headphones, also terrible at waking at amritvela):

Japji Sahib

Shabad Hazare

Jaap Sahib

Shabad Hazare patshahi 10

Twa Parsad Swaiye

Twa Parsad Swaiye - Deenan ke pratipal

Akal Ustat Chaupai - Pranvo Aad Ekankara ...

Chaupai Sahib (long version)

Anand Sahib

Chandi Charitar Ustat

Chandi Di Vaar


Shastar Naam Maala


Sodar Rehraas (Sampooran) 

Aarti Aarta (long) - Lop Chandika



Rakhiya de shabad and Keertan Sohila (I forget the order because I normally don't use the gutka for my sleeping paat and normally listen to a slightly different version by Baba Nihal Singh)

And hopefully someone can explain and expand this and add any or subtract banis according to maryada.


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