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    • Yeah, you posted a link to this article in the other topic, too. Good on your for reposting here. It deserves its own thread, very interesting article. Many interesting things: 1) He calls the Sikhs and India equally savage. This might rub Sikhs wrong, but it's actually a massive improvement over the likes of Jonathan Kay. He seems to thing India was some wonderful democratic paradise, marred by the Sikhs who were violent for no reason whatsoever. MacDonald is actually calling the Indian government actions savage. 2) He says the Indian intelligence agencies threatened Canada that "we'll take care of the Sikhs if you don't". This is a huge violation of Canada's sovereignty. I can't believe more is not being made of this. India simply does not have the right to kill people on Canadian soil (same vice versa). 3) How did Atwal get a visa to India? Has any "journalist" other than MacDonald (like Terry M or Jonathan Kay) been curious as to this question? If not, it shows their agenda.
    • Well, why don't you give 2 or 3 reasons why it's different? I've yet to get a good answer from any opponent of British freedom who is also a proponent of independence or more state power for Punjab. If Britain should be forced to share its wealth with the EU, then why shouldn't Punjab be forced to share its wealth with India? If Britain should be forced to share its natural resources (fish) with Europe, then why not Punjab (water)? If Britain shouldn't have the right to determine the terms of trade, then why should Punjab be able to set the terms of trade and prices of its wheat and rice? OK, so you think loss of British freedom is payback for taking our Sikh Raj. Just a note: Loss of British independence will not bring back the Sikh Raj. Also, what a classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. I mean, you would seriously rather live in Islamic Britain just to stick it to the white man who destroyed our Kingdom? It would be better to live in Christian Britain and constantly remind them about the British duplicity in Punjab/India, if that's your desire. Because you won't be able to say a word in Islamic Britain. Need I remind you that in Pakistani children's textbooks the picture for the world zaalam (tyrant) is a picture of a Sikh? What a wonderful life you'll have with those people in charge in Britain, but, hey, at least it's not the evil "gora" in charge!
    • Boy, what a pickle you've gotten yourself into. I think there are very few people who have undergone the particular set of mistakes after mistakes that your family has. It would be better to say "Please only reply if you have something useful to say." Just as a TLDR for people reading: The guy goes to India to get married. Unable to find girl. Finds one at the last moment, but doesn't talk to her. Accepts proposal. Family doesn't investigate girl, or even go to her house. Has misgivings, family basically forces him to accept marriage. Now is married and has even more misgivings. Where to even start? You make one mistake, and then there are only bad options from that point forward. I'm going to say some stuff that won't help you since this is water under the bridge, but it might help other people out there:  First of all, you should have started your search after getting to India. There's Internet now, plus cheap long distance calling, smartphones, and Whatsapp. You should already have had a shortlist of candidates to personally meet before you touched down at the airport. Secondly, the whole point behind arranged marriage is that your family fully vets the other party. It's quite sad to see that your family did not perform their function, that's the most important thing that parents are going to do in their life. Have you talked with the girl at all after your marriage?
    • ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ ਜੀ Hope your in chardikala Do you have sant jagjit harkhowal contact number Das wanted to them to be their ustad when learning Guru Granth Sahib Ji Santhia even if the Santhia is bhagat bani that would be great if they dont have time. Das is in punjab at the moment if you message Das on 07914253554 that would be great.  Kind Regards
    • Sad news may waheguru bless his soul for his sacrifice and love for the Sikh panth. Not taking away from his huge efforts and personal sacrifice for our kaum I however I don't understand why our Sikhs do not read Sikh history and realize hungry strikes do not work unless you have a huge following who are willing to riot and destroy the state at your passing. Master Tara Singh tried the same thing and failed to complete the hungry strikes his followers were in their tens of thousands. Sant fateh singh did hunger strike for punjabi suba movement and passed away his followers didnt riot on mass and the Indian state carried on as per usual. In my observation of history there needs to be a credible threat to authority and power of the state if a Sikh leader dies that's only when hungry strikes work. That's why british invading imperialists were scared if M.K Gandhi died during his hungry strikes because they knew his million followers would riot and destroy british rule with wide spread violence, Gandhi had held the peace for the British to leave in a dignified way . Similarly if Sikhs are not ready to willing to risk life and limb to the power structures of Indian rule at the passing of a hungry striking leader then its no point hunger striking.