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Punjabi christian caught doing beadhi of SGGS Ji causes Sikhs to clash with Police in Indian Punjab

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Ramdas/ Ajnala: An incident of beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib took place at a Gurdwara Sahib in village Madu Shanga near Ramdas in Ajnala Tehsil of Amritsar district. The incident took place at Gurdwara Mansa Puran Sahib which is a joint Gurdwara Sahib for three villages namely, Madu Shanga, Talwandi Bhanwa and Kot Mugal.

The beadbi was spotted by Granthi Bhupinder Singh last evening, when during the Rehras nitnem he observed that Guru Granth Sahib's Angs from 729 to 741 were torn. The accused of the beadi was identified as Ranjit Masih s/o Rehman Masih (masih is a christian surname), r/o Talwandi Bhanwa with the help of CCTV footage.




Sikhs have often blamed or had suspicions about Hindutva RSS goons being responsible for most of the beadhi cases in punjab. But it turns out punjabi christians or those who have converted to christianity in punjab have been caught doing guru's beadhi. Their evil pastors are encourage their new converts to sell drugs to vulnerable poor punjabi youths to hook and entrap them into their christian church cult and then to attack their own previous religions holy books covertly as they are told they are from the devil and Christianity is the only true religion to be saved.


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I remember whenever I would go to India that late night television on DD Punjab would be a Christian lady preaching Christianity 

Wake up Punjab

The RSS role is to intimidate Sikhs and promote fear and violence and then portray Sikhs as violent people who need to be curtailed 

Very deep propaganda to destroy Sikhs and Punjab is on going

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Its a war of ideology on many fronts I dont think RSS is pushing christian missionaries to do what they are doing. RSS hindtva lot are one camp, the abrahmics are another camp and the other camp is the new age dehra god men cult camp.

The RSS hindtuva lot hate the abrahmic missionaries with a passion they are routinely going around killing muslims who eat beef and try to reconvert indian muslims back to hinduism. Christian churchs are attacked by their mob and their pastors are killed so you cant blame RSS for the evil and bad actions towards Sikhism and sikhs by punjabi christians.

Punjabi christians are growing threat to Sikhs, Sikhi and punjab because of them peddling drugs and trying to convert our brothers and sisters to their middle eastern jesus worship cult and they are building huge churchs and nasty ghoulish  graveyards over punjab. Its bad enuff that punjabi sikhs are brainwashed to tolerate muslims in indian punjab these days but punjabi Christians now taking advantage of the naive and kind spirit of Sikhs to further their numbers and agenda in our homeland.

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The political correct attitude of our tree hugging liberals will ruin our kaum. Not so long ago Korean Christian ladies were preaching Christianity within the premises of Darbar Sahib, Amritsar. You can check a video by United Sikhs regarding this on youtube. 

All these movements started on a large scale after militancy especially, when Sikhi was at its weakest. There have been many incidents with Christians before, one Pastor Harbhajan Singh forcibly converted 2800 people in his village and spoke against the Gurus in the 2000s. They always used Sikh terms like satsangat for congregation and satguru for Jesus to convert naive and gullible Sikhs. We have no proactive and visionary leader left, so lets do what we can on a personal level by keeping an eye on developments in our native villages and helping the poor & Sikhi parchaar in our areas.

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    • Agree, it’s the actions of the person that makes somebody negative. There was a video I saw a while ago, on this, but can’t find it now. A person can also change from a negative one to a good one. Like they say, Every Saint has a past, and every sinner a future.     
    • Although such abuses do happen now and then it is not a wide spread problem especially in Sikh community its more a hindu and muslim centric problem as they rely on dowry in their religious scriptures and culturally its been going on for thousands of years. The abuses are a very tiny percentage there's probably more  domestic abuse cases in Australian white privileged gay relationships than all the ethnic minorities put together. This article smacks of white privilege and covert racist dog whistling against ehtnic/religious minority communities the sad thing is asians/indains are too lazy to reply back to such white washed propaganda. If minorities really wanted to expose the white western cultural disgusting practices and norms such as wide spread abuse from alcoholism. Domestic violence prevalent in white communities in homosexual couples too. The amount of single parent families in white households. The outrageous neglect of elderly by white communities... then list would be endless and the whites would be outraged enough to try and defend their negative cultural practices and counter bash minority communities. It's long over due that time ethnic/religious community especially ours started to defend ourselves in the mainstream mass media produce counter pieces and counter propaganda against our accusers. otherwise this overt racism will just keep on happening. And next time you are looked at negatively for jobs, or in the street attacked cos of your faith or appearance it is because of such articles helped contribute to it.
    • Meditation works more for me in rural areas.
    • Guru ji did cut off Ram Rai because of his stupid behaviour.  However he forgave him then in the dhasam roop. So if you feel cutting off with the person will help them get better you are allowed to do it.  Just make it clear it is the deed yw hate not the person.