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    • I suspect three faith who have a common creation story would have been a pointless exercise ...
    • Nice to see such great scholars we have...or should I say internet Gianni It was Sant Gurbachan Singh of Binderkala who FIRST said this about the Sahibzade and is available in his mp3 CDs I don't see why Ultra kattar illiterate tunnel vision Sikhs cannot see the relationship between devteh and Sikhism perhaps if you listened to all the CDS you would have some foundation knowledge such as Nanaksar Sarovar helped built by Devteh and Baoli Sahib Well connects to Ganges etc etc there are many proofs of this such as Bhagat being previously devteh BTW ALOT OF MODERN KATHA AND SAMPARDAI KATHA IS TAKEN FROM THE SANT GURBACHAN SINGH CDS
    • The UK is largely a post Christian society. The institution of religion has been broken down over the past few decades for the British whites.  How would you suggest that Gurdwaras adapt. Are Sangat attendances down? Gurudware are packed over the weekends (though this could be due to the akhand paths, sukhmani paths and Anand Karajs taking place)and with the numerous Gurpurabs, Band Chor Divas and Vaisakhi.   If you go to the Gurdwarae during the weekday, you'd be surprised how much Sangat there is at different times of the day. Our congregation operates very differently to the Judeo Christian one.
    • took me a while but I found the book and the passage.      Just remember that within Kaal Purkh (the lord) there are millions upon millions of Vishnus, Shivas, Brahmas, Indras and so on.
    • How can it cause further hatred?  In the several thousand mosques in the UK, there are thousands of speeches that denigrate the kafir way of live. Is that not denigrating? Does that not reinforce bad feelings towards the kafir in dar-ul-harb? Jews are called monkeys and pigs, yet does that not cause/re-in force against jews? If muslims do bad things disproportionately to the size of their population,  do we not have the right to call out the bad things? I do not think Sikhs will hate any further. All that I can see Sikhs is saying a collective "I told you so!" to the mainstream community.