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Guest Jacfsing2
9 hours ago, TaksalDaSingh9771 said:

What if you're doing a sehaj path? Can you read it at night?

You could do any bani at any time, but Sehaj Paaths and Akhand Paaths are both unique in of themselves. The goal is making sure Guru Sahib is respected 

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7 hours ago, CHaamCHrick said:

Bro, no need to apologize to anyone here. They are all MULES. 

Ask your heart what to do and follow its orders. Your heart is where the Almighty Lord resides as your Captain. HE IS THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP. Listen to his Orders and obey Them. Don't ask these mules over here about anything, they are very very KATTAR and NARROW- MINDED.

Love the Lord and follow His Instructions daily.

Lol 😂 thx man

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9 hours ago, CHaamCHrick said:

Bro, are you on par with such a great Mahapurakh? You are a searcher and a seeker, please, recite the whole of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Dasam Granth and the Sarabloh Granth whenever you are beckoned by the Guru to do so.

Don't go into pakhands like the MULES. Just be a genuine seeker and pray from your heart. The Guru (G-d) is right there with you as He is right here with me as I type with my long knobbly knuckly fingers on this very keyboard. Please don't fall prey to bharam bhooseys and don't EVER make a mistake of thinking that you can ever be on par with Mahaan Mahapurakhs ever so to mimic them. Recite all your banies from the bottom of your heart with great love, care and respect.

Learn how to read.... show me where I or anyone else on this thread said they were on par with mahapurekhs? 

I bought up Sant Baba Harnam Singh because it's written in their jeevani that chandi Di Vaar should not be recited after sunset.... someone eluded to that point so I provided the reference. It was a bachan given to Sant Harnam Singh by Shaheeds as a maryada for chandi Di vaar... so if anyone else followed that maryada, according to you they would consider themselves on par with Baba Harnam Singh?!!..... just when I thought the level of stupidity on this site couldn't get any worse you came along.

Fool comes on here giving out advice that has nothing to do with this thread & making up situations out of thin air just so you can give out advice as if your some know it all mahapurekh yourself.

Sants say empty vessels always make the most noise.... you made plenty of noise on here... most of it not even remotely related to the topic of the thread.

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7 hours ago, CHaamCHrick said:

Just when I decided to .......lo and behold,  the Mule everyone's been waiting for responds! Overwhelmed by and heavily laden with tons and tons and tons of humai/ego he brays on! Everyone please, put your hands together and welcome this unparr gawar to the forum!

We didn't know you really 'bought up' ..................................because someone 'eluded to'...........................?  You are either stupid or illiterate. It has to be either or both. I am not sure which?

Learn to write correct English first.  What a p******k can't even put two simple words of English together but has the audacity to rattle like a venomous reptile.  Please carry on rattling and spewing as much venom as you wish... ..........rattle ....rattle.........rattle........nothing  to do with the topic..lol!!!!!  



I'd rather post something that has some substance... rather than a grammatical masterpiece that has no relevance!

Lets all forget maryada given by mahraj or lessons taught by mahapurekhs & follow this hippy bast*rds manmat... he says it's ok to read any Bani at any time..... so let's start reading Punj bania at night.... read kirtan sohila at amrit vela.... read rehras at sunrise... read asa Di vaar at sunset.

Ignore the seasons and baramaha & let's just read whatever regardless of what season it is.... let's ignore all the different raags & their maryada & just recite them whenever.

Forget gurmat and examples set out by great mahapurekhs.... instead follow this hippy bast*ards manmat

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On 31/07/2017 at 10:08 PM, TaksalDaSingh9771 said:

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh 

What time should one do path of chandi di vaar or ugardanti. I heard youre not supposed to do it at night. Can someone pls explain 


waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh 

Sri Chandi Ji di Vaar is always done in the morning followed by Ugardanti immdediately afterwards. Both banis inspire warriors with immense valour in the face of danger in battle.

Edited by pardesanbibbi
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23 hours ago, CHaamCHrick said:

...none of us, are on par with the Mahan Mahapurakhs...to mimic the great Mahapurakhs will be very egotistical on our part, we will become full of humai/arrogance...

Firstly I posted that thread to show the OP that if they had searched for the information, they would have found the link.


Secondly, if Mahapuraks have experienced something, then why share it? I am certain true sants and mahapuraks experience many things, much of which they do not share. But of the few things they do share, they do so for a reason.

I recently read some sakhis about Baba Isher Singh Rara Sahib. One of things he mentioned is that although merging with Akaal purakh is the ultimate goal in one's life, an even greater level is to help others join Akaak Purakh. 

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    • Don't focus too much on it. I had a friend who was getting Darshan of various deities, it all stopped because he became obsessed with it. Just remember this is all Maya, focus on Akaal only. Why care about the future when we ourselves have no power to change it? 
    • you should make an account penji. 
    • Guest Amrit Vela
      Fateh   Does anyone know of any Gurdwara that have Amrit Vela Simran/Kirtan in Coventry? I would like to attend but dont know of any throughout the week.   thanks
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      Pali is a dialect of Prakrit, in that you are correct. But lets correct some of your other points: The word 'Sanskrit' does not occur anywhere in the Vedas. Not a single verse mentions this word as denoting a language. The father of Sanskrit himself: Panini, says that the language of the Hindu Vedas was the  Chandasa language, not Sanskrit. Are you TejS coming before us today claiming to be more of an authority on Sanskrit than Panini himself ?  because the father of Sanskrit himself says Sanskrit came about much much later !   Buddha, when tasked with putting his teachings down into the tongues of the people chose Prakhrit and others. Not once did he even mention the word Sanskrit let alone write anything in it. This shows that Sanskrit didn't even exist at the time of Bhudda.  Every single coin and written artefact found in the Punjab since time immemorial has inscriptions in Prakrit. Not one single thing written in Sanskrit has been found. Not one. And remember, every single archeological coin and artefact found in Punjab (bar a very small number) has Prakrit written in the Aramaic script that our Punjabi forefathers wrote in. Nothing written in the Hindu's scared devangari script has ever been found in Punjab. Even far away from Punjab at the historic nanaghat caves in western India where India's oldest writings are found on the cave walls; all the writing is in Prakrit. Nothing there was written in any language called Sanskrit because such a language did not yet exist. Bahmans would invent it later as a tool of subjugating the people. That's where you fit in the picture. In order to peddle the filth of saffronisation in India the Hindu nationalists need fools to carry the made up and distorted message. Like I said, that's where you fit into the picture. Your forum avatar and past affiliation with the pakandi nang Niddar Singh has been duly noted by all. Your nang group proudly proclaims that Sikh warriors exist to protect the Hindu legacy. Fair play to you....you're certainly being true to what you believe. btw....Apabrahmsa is Prakrit.