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Gurbani Santhia Classes London and Midlands

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A friend shared this with me today.  I see they have already held classes in East London (weekly ones to follow) and plan a camp in Coventry.  


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    • simply lack of spine ...if someone says jai mata di or jai shri Ram the number of fools who feel peer pressure to join is astonishing. Then they use the old coconut of sikhi respects all religions, and we shouldn't hurt others feelings i.e. join in because the others will die of broken heart if we didn't...   It has gotten to the stage that SIkhs have to join in 'Holi' celebrations else they risk losing their lives on the road . My Mama and Mami ji got stopped on the road to Bihar , she was quick thinking and said how can we celebrate my mother has died(in truth some year prior) then they were let through
    • Goodluck bro with your move, I have been in your shoes before considering Canada has a place to move to. But whilst there are a lot of good points for moving there e.g. nice houses, job prospects and quite a few apney, its certainly far from perfect. As mentioned before, everything is far apart and also there are a lot of suleh and somalians there now too.
    • There are only two people in my family who don't participate in the 'fun festival'. (Me as a practicing amritdhari, and my older cousin who is an amritdhari). My theory is because in India they celebrate any tradition whatever the religion. And most of my family is pure indian, not born here most of them and they probably brought it here if you know what I mean.
    • Why do many Sikhs wear Hindu Threads around their wrists? I have seen so many. They also wear the kara at the same time.  At many a time I have thought about giving one of these confused people a good hard thapar for their foolishness. But not sure what its all about.  Are these people copying Hindus?
    • Thanks. But I need to sign in for that. Is it available on youtube?