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    • OK, bro, whatever you say. You may want to look into the requirements of the various provinces, except for the most populous provinces of BC and Ontario. They have much lesser requirements for immigration, because they want to fill up their provinces, where nobody lives. Quebec is a whole nother kettle of fish, which its own immigration requirements different from Anglophone Canada. Not sure how much French you know. Check here and here for province requirements. Each province has its own website which you will have to go through and determine your points. Good luck.
    • If by "you" you mean "one", then one does not need a job offer letter merely to apply for a visa to move to Canada (which is what he said, not a work permit). It's just that having a job letter gets you a hundreds of points in the Express Entry point system. A letter from a province gets you even more points. But to get that letter, you usually have to ... have a job offer. There are other ways, too, but none that may apply to this brother: higher education, having studied in Canada, having $500K ready to invest in Canada. So yeah, for this brother, he would likely only make the points cutoff if he had a job lined up. For other people reading this thread, you could easily qualify without a job.
    • There is only one God all pervading  His name is true and he is the creator and doer Fearless and without hatred, he is timeless. He doesn't come into transmigration because he is divine bliss. He is known through the grace of the Gurus  Repeat his name. THIS IS THE CORE TEACHING KNOWN AS MOOL MANTRA  
    • Any sort of gambling on a probability is strictly prohibited  For example Sant Jarnail Singh will return so I don't have to sacrifice anything  Sikhism is about great actions and high ethics
    • Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa
      Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh, ji There is a large population of Hindus who worship our Guru jis as well as their own Gods. Even when I went to mandirs before outside of India, there would be pictures of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji being worshiped along with Gods. Even some of sangat in the temple would say vaheguru vaheguru in front of the shivling while pouring milk rather than om namah shivaya. & you should remember the traditional religion of punjabis before sikhism and islam was that religion. I have a feeling that you haven't been to Punjab recently. There are a lot of people who look sikh while wearing threads and rings/tilaks (I have no objection to them) etc. Vaheguru ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji Ki Fateh