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singhbj singh

Teacher does an individual handshake every morning with her students before they start class

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    • Tommy Robinson wrongly posts tweets saying Oxford Street chaos 'looks like another jihadi attack'  Georgie Darling,Yahoo News UK 16 hours ago  Tommy Robinson has been forced to delete tweets suggesting the Oxford Street paniclooked like a terrorist attack carried out by jihadists. The notorious right-wing speaker, who recently had his blue ‘verified’ tick removed by Twitter, was quick to jump to conclusions when a stampede shook the popular shopping street, saying it ‘looks like another jihad attack in London’ to his 387,000 follows. As news around the incident developed quickly, the Metropolitan Police initially tweeted they were responding to the incident ‘as if it is terrorist related.’ However, shortly after they tweeted again, saying they had ‘not yet’ found a trace of suspects, shots or casualties.
    • Everyone has full faith on shri Guru Granth Sahib ji.. and I never said that Chandi Di Vaar can’t be recited after sunset. It can be recited but thn have to continue for the rest of the night that’s what I said.. its not that Chandi Di Vaar or any other path is  to be blamed for the anger or lust that we can’t control.. i blame my own mind coz at the moment I’m working under control of my mind and trying to progress everyday.. and about doing Chandi Di Vaar is Because of the love I have for gurbani and for the ten gurus.. and “sun” if ur referring to sukhmani sahib thn it does has its effect it truly brings peace and happiness atleast for me it does..  and not only Chandi Di Vaar but the whole Guru Granth Sahib praises Akal Purakh and it looks like u have all the knowledge so it’s very good for u. I’m not here to get into arguments.. god bless and about not reciting Chandi Di Vaar after sunset for that Go and read the book called se kinehiya or here I’ll help u with that..
    • With a lot of Punjabi women being fickle with the latest trends and fashions, I thought that with the uptake of hipster beards and man buns that they would be fickle enough to be attracted to the kesh. 
    •   A beautiful shabad about darshan  https://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/supan-charitar-chitar-banak-banai-bachitar