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Ok so for someone who has had his running battles with both Jagsaw and Daily - Jagsaw for being an Islamophilic dhimmi and Daily for his anti-Jat jihad, I should be loving the last few posts but what I see here is a pointless argument from which we will learn nothing and which just shows how entrenched some views have become among Sikhs.Guru Nanak has said in Gurbani Maas Maas kar Moorakh jhagray - fools argue over meat. The simple fact is that just like the general population some Sikhs eat meat and some are vegetarian. It's not up to me to say who is right and who is wrong. If you are Amritdhari then you need to follow what your Panj Piare told you about the rehat you have to follow. If your Panj Piare told you to refain from all meat then that is what you have to do and if they told you that Jhatka meat is allowed then you can eat Jhatka meat IF you want to. The worst thing you can do is to deride another Sikh who eats Jhatka or as a Jhatka eater a vegetarian Sikh for not eating Jhatka.

As an Amritdhari how does the fact that another Amritdhari is eating or not eating Jhatka impacting on your life? This is the most important question you have to consider. 

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So, while I sit here with my crown upon my head, content in the knowledge that I am a son of my Guru 

You ain't no son of your Guru in my eyes. You deified and brown nosed goray (like a kow-towing, weak insecure gimp) for years because they gave your grandpa a 5hitty unskilled job in a factory as a reward for being a sepoy. Then you went on and on with your jut bull5hit. You denied the grooming issue by Pakistanis at every opportunity (for years!) too (forget that did you). Then you admitted that elders in your family pretty much get frogmarched by 'toughies' into voting in Gurdwara elections. Then you had your phase of crying about Afghan Sikh women wearing make up and looking 'hot'. Oh yeah, let's not forget the one where you essentially told the world that sometimes you look at your wife and wished one of you was dead, so one of you (meaning you really) could finally have a chance to actually enjoy your! You're the one who insulted your wife, I just brought it to your attention. 

I can tell you're a straight pu55y, whose never lived in the real world because your momma and pappa didn't let you play outside in the evening with the other boys (incase you got hurt probably). And I'm not pot bellied you vegan tw@t, I work out all the time - you should try it. But you probably won't because you can't summon up enough energy to physically exert yourself with your stupid diet that even our Guru's never encouraged.  

By the way (to you and all you other he-bitches out there) this cyber thing has been heavily successful (for me at least) over the years, I've managed to get things translated (and shared them), developed my own language skills, put essential information and points of views out there that were suppressed, or not faced (by cowards like you).  And if you think that you can't be a d1ck and wear a crown on your head, you're wrong. Go take a look in the mirror. 

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