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Has anyone ever had Darshan of Devtas and conversed with them

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23 hours ago, Kira said:

I doubt if anyone had Darshan of Akaal Purkh they'd bother coming to this cesspool of stupidity. Anyone who's had Darshan end up absorbed in his meditation (going by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji's experience) and end up serving the Panth.

Very good point brought forward.

But instead of narrowing ourslves we must widen our horizons, in the sense that anybody who had darshan of Akal Purukh, wil not shut himself from world, for once one has merged in Him while being alive, there is no fear of anything, as He is ang sang ... Guru mere sang sadaah hae naalay.

It is we ordinary people, who need sincere deep bhakti to have His Darshan, for that we have to avoid Maya, so we need to be absorbed i meditation.

But not they,who have their divya drishtee opened by His kirpa, so they see Him everywhere and in everyone, they not need to stay in deep meditation to continue seeing Him; for if they close ther eyes they enter spiritaul realms, they open their eyes and they are back here.

These mahapurukhs are filled with His Jot, so their mere presence where they choose to be or go, becomes sacred as said by their very presence, be it then cesspool of stupidity even.

It is we limited beings who say I will avoid this or that place or peson, not they, as they are in tune with his Hukum at all times, so they never complain, nor talk ill of anything.

The Bani clearly says: tah Baikunth, jeh keertan tera. Even the most stupid place, becomes paviter, by singing His mahima. For He, comes where He is called, in His subtle spiritual swaroop, though unseen by ordinary people, or sinners like us.

So you see, we limit ourselves with this, or that, but they are wide open.

These mahapurkhs, once having revealed Him within, wherever they move, they spread the fragrance, the scent of Wahiguru among the people.

You see, unlike us, as they are filled with His light, they will not say, when the darkness goes away from there, we shall go there; because wherever they go, or they choose to be, though however absurd for us, the darkness(of agyanta) runs away from there, as they approach and reach any place.

And all this, is just by His grace, His Hukum alone.

Sat Sree akal.


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