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12 hours ago, simran345 said:

That’s good to hear, you’re doing good by helping others too. 

I know what it feels like so I thought helping others will help them get through it.


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Guest waheguru

Just remember it may feel difficult but when you look back it will just seem like a bad dream. The point is that bad times don't last forever, although it may feel like it at the time. Go through it and be patient that good times will come. Do plenty of Paath and Simran and Guru ji will sooner or later bless you with happiness.

Don't fail the test! This difficult time will pass eventually!

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Guest Unique

Don't be afraid and I know it may be hard to believe right now but harming yourself will get you no where. I'm just going to assume you're in some country with a minimal sikh population.

Talking to your teachers and office staff in private may be the best thing to do. If there is no physical abuse happening then you may want to preface this conversation by telling them to avoid getting in contact with these stupid students but instead being aware of what's happening and reprimanding the students if it's happens under their supervision (this way they may be scared and the problem will deescalate without them labelling you as a "snitch"). However, if it's reached the level of constant verbal harassment and/or any aggressive physical contact immediately go and ask to speak to school administrators. 

Back when I was in grade 9 I also got bullied but as a guy it got physical. One day after being continuously physically provoked I gave the guy a severe beating and had no problems since. But this type of solution ,even if it works, has many problems as it will distance you from the rest of your peers and not to mention I was lucky not to face physical retaliation later down the line after this happened. So yes please don't be like me and try this unless you need to defend yourself XD and also try to stay happy.

If school is annoying and you can't find friends pick up a hobby or try learning something new. In fact there is so much out there to learn so find what you like and learn more about it. This may even help you discover what you want to do after high school and meet like minded individuals. I'm in second year uni so I feel my advice should probably still be relevant. 

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