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Here's an interesting extract from Gur Pratap Granth by Kavi Santokh Singh Ji. One of the great pillars of Sikhism was always Guru Sahib's own Mehals, whether serving the hungry as Mata Kivi Ji through Langar or leading the Khalsa as Mata Sundri Ji. 


The Guru Mother, then, addressed another communication to the Singhs, Allowing them to adopt any strategy they deemed fit. She accused Banda Singh for being so audacious, That he had become disloyal to the House of the Guru. (13) She declared that she (the Guru’s House) owed nothing to the Mughals, And that she lived (in Delhi) as the Mughals owed a lot to the Gurus. As her ancestors had made the supreme sacrifices, She was prepared to make any sacrifice to opposite Mughals. (

14) Dohra : She remarked that Banda Singh was directed to serve the Khalsa Panth, Rather than ordained to be a sovereign (by the Guru). As far as the sovereignty over the Khalsa Panth was concerned, It was vested with the Khalsa Panth itself by the Guru’s own will. (

15) Chaupai : From the day the Guru mother heaped a curse on Banda Singh, He lost his wits and (became disoriented) since that day. He called for the service of a prostitute from Mandi, And entered into a wedlock with that woman.

(16) Since he had already married two other woman (at Chamba), He had fallen from his character and lost his sanctity. He started shaking his head (desperately in the manner of a sorcerer), And mumbled words which remained unintelligible to others. (17)

Earlier on Kavi Ji also states that Guru Mother (most likely Mata Sundri Ji based on how Bhai Mani Singh Ji addressed her in his letters) also did Ardaas to take away all of Banda Singh Bahadur Ji's Spiritual Powers, and as per her Ardaas he lost control over them.


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