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Bani question

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I have a couple of questions about doing path, if someone could kindly help me out?

I learned to chant gurbani from audio made by a 3HO Sikh, and although I now know it by heart and love it, I've learned enough to tell the pronunciation and even some of the words are off. What I've got into the habit of doing is singing the Bani while reading the English so I have an idea of what I'm saying.

So I've been studying Gurmukhi in order to sort out the problems with how I do it and to understand the Punjabi words instead of going through the English.

It's getting better, but the thing I need help with is that it doesn't seem to 'work' when I'm doing this. I can't surrender to bliss or devotion or feel the naad, if you know what I mean. It's more like reciting the times tables. I keep getting tempted just to shut my eyes and let go and sing to my Guru.

What would you do? 

One more thing - I know to wash hands before touching the gutka, but if I sneeze (I have a rotten cold atm :-D) do I need to go wash them again before continuing? Or if I touch my face or something?


Thanks in advance to any of the sangat that can do the seva of helping me out here!

GK x

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Waheguru ji ka Khalsa 

Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Guest just like academics, after school you need to choose a stream which is of interest.

If singing is your thing then focus on that, learn Raags & how to play musical instruments.

Excel in that don't be "jack of all, king of none".

As for "Soocham" ie cleanliness, keep a handkerchief or a hazooria on while doing Paath.

A Hazooria refers to the scarf like material worn by Sikhs. The word Hazooria derives from the words Hazooria or hazoor meaning “Being ready; being in presence.”

Sikhs wear Hazooria around their neck


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