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"Sects would not want to see unity for fear of their own irrelevance"

Funny how disunity simmers into a previously united family should members partake the Holy Amrit from different institutions. Members of that same family are unable to sit together due to the imposition of varying rules of conduct.

For example, one maryada forbids meat consumption, while the other allows intake of non-slaughtered meat. One says the Mool Mantra ends at Gurparsad, while for the other it is up to Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach. One demands that we recite five bania in the morning, but the other says three minimum compulsory would suffice. One says that the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our eternal Guru,  while the other preaches the existence of controversial Bachitar Natak as its younger brother.

Going back in time, the intent of the Amrit by our Tenth Master Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was to unite Sikhs transcending cast and creed by forming the Khalsa brotherhood, but unfortunately politics did not spare our religion. In current times, the Amrit in itself is being manipulated by various sects intending to cause disunity. Worth asking, would our Tenth Master have permitted  the rise of multiple maryadas?

The happenings in Malaysia are no different, as we are at the brink of disaster ourselves due to this modified concept of Sikhi, propagated by mischievously dangerous individuals, totally disregarding the established rules of the Sikh Rehat Maryada (SRM) which is sanctioned by the Akaal Takht Sahib, our supreme decision making authority.

Our sanggat is already falling prey to concerted efforts of a handful, imposing new beliefs, disrupting unity in the process. It is rather unfortunate that parbandaks of Gurdwaras who are duty bound to protect the SRM chose to play politics by aligning themselves to these deviant sects.

It is time that we put our minds together for exploring solutions in addressing the dilemma of disunity which threatens to destroy us from within. It is evident that the concepts of Sikhi is being strategically challenged, bringing about new ideologies to tear us apart.

It is critically important, especially now, that we unite on the back of uniformity under the established principles of the SRM, for the sake of our upcoming generations. The SRM, developed to support the religious needs of a Sikh householder, has undoubtedly kept the essence of Sikhi alive, transcending the boundaries of time for decades and running. Going beyond the present, it is the future that really matters.

Worth mulling, why the sudden desire by a handful to introduce their own sectarian rules and beliefs in Malaysia? Is there a hidden agenda to indirectly weaken Sikhi, first by dividing, then slowly diminishing it?

While these sects would not want to see unity for fear of their own irrelevance, parbandaks and sanggat at large must continue to vehemently oppose them.

Let us take a moment and ask, are we doing justice to Sikhi by choosing to compromise the SRM? Do we want to divide ourselves into groups?

Source - https://asiasamachar.com/2017/06/27/sectarian-divide/

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